Mingling with fellow Bloggers: #BrunchClub

Saturday, March 19, 2016

People skills are, and I hate to say this, not my strongest point. I really don't like it. I completely blame my anxiety for it, anyone and everyone just seems so scary and intimidating, it's hard for me to push myself past my own walls that I've built up.

When I started getting into blogging, I found out that there was a Brunch Club group for New Zealand and within that there was a monthly meeting for each major city in New Zealand. When I heard of this I was both excited and scared. I really wanted to get myself out there, not to make connections within the blogging community, but to simply make friends and talk to other people who share the same interests as me!

This week I attended my first Wellington Brunch Club (I have actually attended another event at Lush, read about it here, but that was more Lush oriented, and this was more blogging directed) at Matterhorn; a restaurant, cafe and bar located in the heart of Cuba Street.

Brunch begun at 11am, where a group of eight of us met in a cosy corner of the restaurant and discussed everything and anything blogging related. I have met with most of the people who attended a few times and it has meant that each time we see each other we have a big catch up on our personal lives and out blogging adventures. 

I learnt that within our small group we had a couple of mothers, someone who is about to buy their first home, a(nother) university student; and everything in between.

We also spoke about what we've been up to blogging wise since we last met. We spoke about cameras, and what sort of model or lens we use for vlogging, blogging or Instagram-ming; I had actually recently purchased a miniature wide angle lens for my iPod for Instagram and someone else had actually bought one herself and she showed me how she uses it. We spoke about how our blogging and/or internet presence changed over the summer holiday; some of us found we had more spare time to blog, and some of us had less spare time and even a few couldn't blog at all!

Then we got to the food bit. I ordered an orange juice and a fried chicken with mashed potato on the side. Whilst we were talking and waiting for our meals someone at a table nearby ordered a hot chocolate, that me being me just had to order one for myself.

When the meals arrived I was a bit intimidated by how massive the plate was and how it made the meal appear small, but alas it was a mind trick and the meal ended up being so so lovely and fulling, there was even a little bit left on my plate that I simply couldn't manage to finish!

Unfortunately I had to leave somewhat early *cough* almost 1pm *cough* because I got caught up at work, but overall I felt like this Brunch Club was a lot of fun. I really liked that it was such a small group of us because it meant that we all got to talk to each other individually, which made it seem more personal.


Have you been doing anything that pushes yourself out of your boundaries? What about you bloggers reading this, how do you talk with other bloggers to learn tricks of the trade? I'd love to hear from you guys?

- Louise

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