My Nail Varnish Collection: an introduction

Friday, April 01, 2016

I love nail varnishes. So much. Caring for my nails and decorating them with pretty colours, delicate patterns or even detailed designs is a more-than-just-weekly routine for me. I used to bite my nails really badly, right to the very end; I'd completely ruin them when I was bored or anxious. I tried stopping with the gross tasting nail varnish liquid, learnt about how bad it was for you to bite them but nothing was really cutting (ha) it. That is, until I began painting them; because me being the perfectionist I am, did not want to ruin them! Voila! A solution!

Thin brushes and top coats, Glitters, Dark colours

Cool bright colours, Warm bright colours, Pastels

Let me just firstly talk about the stand that I have my nail varnishes in. This beauty I got off
1-Day for an early 21st birthday present from my parents, and it hold every single one of my nail varnishes plus it has room for more! The frame itself is made of metal coated in white paint, so it goes very nicely in the simplistic theme that I have going on around my desk area. There are six tidy whee shelves with bracings at the front so the little bottles cannot fall off, but are still easy to take out when needed.

my swatches, cool colours and warm colours

I did actually have a  count all of my nail varnishes recently and lets just say it's closer to 100 than you (and I!) would have thought. I have tried so hard to not end up with duplicate colours that I have had to get these little swatches to use so I can keep track of all the colours I have. This nail swatcher setis such a good idea, because the amount of purple nail varnishes I have is honestly starting to get insane. Although, can one ever have too many purple nail varnishes in their life?

I have had this nail varnish obsession for about five years now, and I have upgraded from the cheap under-$5 varnishes to the nicer-end brands. I think my favourite brands at the moment are Essie and Sally Hanson, purely because of the pigmentation and the wide range of colours. What I love most about Sally Hanson nail varnishes is not only the varnish themselves, but the brush that you apply it with is such a full brush that holds a lot (a LOT) of liquid but it doesn't drip it everywhere.

just a few of my nail art designs of recent times

What I want to know from you guys reading, is what would you like to know about my nail varnish collection? I would like to do a series of posts (obviously not all at once!) about my favourite colours, and some design tutorials; but what else would you like to see?

- Louise x

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