My First Blogger Event: Lush

Sunday, September 27, 2015

On Wednesday 23rd September, I attended my first ever Bloggers event. And boy did I have a great time!

Me being me, I was quite shy and nervous, but one of my resolutions this year was to try to be more "out there" and confident. I got to talk to some lovely girls, we exchanged beauty tips and overall had a great time! And what else, it was at my local Lush store! We got to see a product be made fresh for us, got taught about an alternative gift wrapping idea, getting a beauty-type fortune told as well as having a great shop around!

dry and wet ingredients

life of a blogger!

squish squish!

lavender seeds

sushi roll cleanser

The girls made for us (by almost completely scratch) Angels On Bare Skin (which I had actually seen when I went to Lush for my birthday recently, funnily enough!) which we got to have the chance to squish and mix it together. It was a great reminder to see how authentic Lush is with their products, because when the products get made for the store it's exactly like this but in a giant kitchen!

We learnt how to use scarves as gift wrapping to save wrapping paper, and to also use as a replacement for plastic bags for shopping!

The Lush girls told us that there's actually a group of staff that go out to vintage markets for the scarfs across the world to pick them up, so almost every single one sold is unique and there's even some high end branded ones!

The girls at Lush had a selection of Tea2 tea and a tray of nibbles for us to eat. I tried the Cocoa Loco tea which was flavoured like chocolate, but I couldn't wrap my head around a tea tasting like chocolate and wasn't a fan surprisingly! (sidenote, I'll be doing a tea blog post soon!)

We then got our beauty-fortune read to us. We closed our eyes while the wheel of colours was spun, then we opened our eyes to see what colours stood out to us first. 

I got:
1) My strengths/weaknesses = vibrant pink =  passionate
2) My natural talent = metallic blue = motivation
3) What I need more of = bright purple - drive

I feel like my strengths was correct, I am quite a passionate person. However, being the procrastinator I am I find it hard to believe my natural talent is motivation. I do believe I need more drive in my life at the moment, the end of semester nearing and summer bring just around the corner.

All these colours actually corresponded to eyeliners, which Lush have an amazing range of. I am a bit intimidated by brightly coloured eyeliners, but I've wanted to try them since they came into fashion recently, although I need to master my black gel liner first before I jump to these!

I was luckily enough to choose a product to keep, to get a handful of samples as well as splashing out on a couple of products myself.

All up I got:
Granny Takes A Dip bath bomb, which firstly is so super huge! I'm definitely going to have to cut this in half when I use it. It smells really good, has a ginger tinge to the scent. I'm really excited to see how it colours the water, going to have to take a heap of Instagrams of it!

Enchanted Eye Cream, which I have been on a hunt for an eye cream for a long time. This one hasn't got much of a scent which I'm pleased because I don't want any strong smells around my eyes. I've only been using it for a few days so it's hard to say how well it works just yet.

Blousy shampoo for coloured hair, which one of the Lush girls uses religiously and highly suggested it to me. I've been dying my hair a lot lately and I get quite upset about how quickly the colour washes out even though I'm using colour shampoo. At the moment all my colour has faded out, but when I next get coloured I'll use it!

Charity Pot sample, which I have actually tried before and the scent is so amazing. It's a very thick formula so I only use it on my legs when they're really dry.

Gorgeous Face Moisturiser sample, which I'm pretty hesitant to use because I have only just balanced my face moisturiser. However, I think I'll use it on my neck and chest area.

Angels on Bare Skin cleanser which as I said before I have had the chance to make already, but now I get to have one pot at my flat and one pot at my boyfriend's flat! I use it every morning that I didn't wash my face the night before, or if I feel like my face is a bit gross.

Overall, my time at Lush with some fellow bloggers was a great night. I was quite intimidated at first because everyone else seemed a lot more experienced with blogging and I have only really started out with it this year. I definitely would go to another event, and maybe step it up and try attending one of the Bloggers Brunch Club events too!

Shout out to my fellow bloggers who attended: StephaniePinamon, Tallulah, Lani, Kahu (I don't remember the other girls' blog URLs, but as I get them I will provide links to them!)

- Louise x

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  1. I'm so gutted I don't live in Wellington any more! This looked like such a cool event and I love Lush so much.

    1. (sorry it's taken me so long to reply!) it was such a great event, I have become obsessed with Lush since I moved to Wellington!

  2. Loved the post, and it was great meeting you :) Totally feel you on being shy, and nervous, things like this can be daunting, but also really awesome. Hope to see you at Brunch Club!

    Ps. I was the *unknown* poster, not sure what happened there.

    1. (sorry it's taken me so long to reply!) it was great meeting you too and being awkward together haha. I hope I can make it to a Brunch Club, I seem to be rostered on to work each time it's on!