What on earth have I been doing? vol. II

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Hi, hello, how have you been? So, I've had to take an involuntary break from blogging the past month and now that I'm back, I thought I'd let you guys know what I've been up to! The main thing has been moving flats, which has been the sole reason why I have disappeared, because it took an eternity to get internet connected at our new place and we've only just really settled in.

I've taken to my Instagram and picked out my favourite photos to catch you guys up on my adventures, so here we go!

February 5th (but this photo was actually taken and posted on the 6th)

At the start of February we moved flats. If you're a fellow student, or simply just a renter like myself, the beginning of each year can be an utter nightmare. Finding a flat and the horrid day of moving into said flat is one of the most stressful things to go through each and every year. 

This photo is taken just outside of my flat with two of the neighbours cats who seem to have adopted themselves into our household, which I am not complaining about at all. I was actually considering getting a cat in 2016, but as these cats aren't actually ours and just like to visit (almost all the time) I have all the great bits of owning a cat without the actual responsibility of having one! They'll jump through any open window or just waltz through the front door like they own the place, begging (more like commanding) to be petted and falling asleep on somebody's bed for the rest of the day. I may or may not have also bought a small bag of treats and set up a cardboard box in the kitchen for them!

February 14th

Ahh, Valentines Day. I've never really been a fan of Valentines Day as it seems like a big waste of money to prove how much you love your significant other, when realistically you should be doing that every day (the loving bit, not the money bit!) but despite that, Conaugh and I decided to make the day a whee bit special. 

I had to work during the morning, so whilst I was out, Conaugh snuck down to the supermarket and got me this huge adorable balloon for me and put it on our bed for when I got in! I also got him a little gift, which was a bulk pack of Up&Gos because they're his favourite and what is someone meant to give their boyfriend, because I don't feel like flowers are appropriate (I'm really trying trying my hardest not to be sexist here)

We didn't really do much else on the fourteenth, but you'll see why in the next image!

February 16th

Two days later, Conaugh and I celebrated two years being together! (Which is why we focus more on the sixteenth rather than the fourteenth.) We went out to Te Papa to see the Dreamworks exhibition and generally just wondered around spending the day together as we've both been so busy with work lately we haven't actually seen much of each other.

The Dreamworks exhibition was incredible; there were 3D models of animated characters, interviews with producers and animators, interactive spaces where you could edit a piece of film, videos of people pitching an idea for a scene in a movie with the complete storyboard printed out... it was so full on and fantastic! I really recommend going if you're in the Wellington area, it's great for children, bidding animators and simply for fans of the franchise.

But back to the whole two-year-anniversary thing. I honestly can't believe it's been a whole two years since this loser asked myself (also a loser) to be his girlfriend. It feels like time has just flown by, we've gone through the awkward trying to hold hands with each other stage, to farting in front of each other all the way to moving in (check out my blog post about that!) and I can't wait to celebrate more years with this guy!

February 21st

Yet another selfie, #sorrynotsorry. This day we celebrated Conaugh's 21st. We went up to stay at his Mum's house in the Kapiti Coast and spent the day with a bunch of his close family friends who have had a part in bringing this wonderful-ness into the world and help raise him. 

The drawback of this was that I ended up meeting a whole heap of new people, all of whom were adults, but the fantastic thing was that I didn't get anxious at all! I got to hear a bunch of cute stories of when Conaugh was a child and see childhood photos of his chubby blonde face. It was really a great day and I'm so happy I'm part of this boy's life. 

Sorry for the gooey-ness, February has been a big month!

February 25th

This has been a long time coming, but I have decided that I need a logo. Not only for my blog, but also for my design brand. I need something that resembles ME. However, I can't seem to figure out what that necessarily is just yet.

It's like when someone asks "tell me something about yourself" and your mind just goes completely blank. I can't seem to find anything that defines Louise from everyone else. I love to blog, but so do a lot of people, I love to design but there are endless creatives out there already. I want something that says "I'm a real cool, easy going girl who runs her own blog and also designs like a mad boss", ya know? I'm still at the sketchbook stage, concepting something new every day. I'm determined to do this myself because why would I, a designer, get someone else to do it?! Just gotta keep on going, don't I!


What about you? What have you guys been up to in February?

I'm going to be uploading a back-to-university themed post soon, so keep your eyes out for it. Especially if you're starting uni for the first time, and even more-especially if you're heading into a design course!

- Louise x

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