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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lilly Singh (iiSuperwomanii) uploaded a video at the start of the year called The #GirlLove Challenge where she recruited a bunch of her fellow female YouTube friends to speak about the issue of girl-on-girl hate. This is followed by Lilly and her friends speaking about how powerful, influential and strong women are; and how bringing people down can in tern knock ourselves down, and that we should instead build each other up.

I have taken it upon myself to write a blog post of my favourite girls and what I love about them, I hope to inspire you to think about the girls you love and share the #GirlLove around, because heck knows we need it!


Emma Watson
Emma has been in the spotlight for most of her life, and seeing her use her platform for pushing for gender equality is so fantastic. Emma has spoken in conferences such as the United Nations to speak about women's issues and bringing the inequality to life. And what's great, is that she isn't treated as a little girl, but as a strong and intelligent women. I really do believe that as a gender/sex we're going to see a lot of growth for equality thanks to Emma's determination and passion.

Zoe "Zoella Sugg
I have been a "fan" of Zoe for about four or five years now and I find myself relating more and more to her every day. What I admire most about Zoe is her forwardness to mental illness. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and after watching a video of her about anxiety and how she deals with it, my connection with her got stronger. Zoe "lives" online and has used this worldwide platform to speak out on her struggles (and successes) on anxiety and panic attacks. I find her to be such a strong girl and simply by sharing her experiences and tips on anxiety, I feel and can tell she helps a lot of her audience (which is mostly females).

Rose Matafeo
For those who don't know, Rose is a New Zealand comedian who performs and writes for NZ television shows and at stand-up comedy festivals. I have met Rose a handful of times at some of her comedy performances and I really have to say that she is doing so well in her career; she is truely and honestly very funny, and in her recent television series Funny Girls she has started using women's issues within her comedy too. Rose is just so down to earth and a really good person, and that's why I love her so much!

Heather McMillan
Heather is one of my close friends, one of the first friends I made online. I honestly don't think there is one bad bone in Heather's body; she has a heart of gold and radiates goodness. If you don't know where Heather is, just look in your local SPCA, charity drive or homeless person and you'll see her giving her time or money to try to make somebody else's lives that much better. I know Heather has had a lot of struggles in her life, but she never seems to let these stop her from reaching out to help those around her. I find Heather to be so gracious and she is one of my favourite people I know.

lil Louise and Mum; approx 1-2 years, 2-3 years and 5 years old

My Mum
Lastly, but certainly not least, is my mumma bear. I don't think my Mum would appreciate me putting her name on here, so for now she is called "Mum". My Mum is one of the most wonderful people I know; she has been through so much in her life but still somehow comes out of it all. She has always loved and cared for me (even when I think I don't want her to) and is my number one fan. I honestly don't know where I'd be without her pushing me to do my best, cheering me on from the sideline and the solid amount of advice she's given me over the years.

This #GirlLove campaign has really made me realise about not only how much I don't praise the girls around me, but most importantly my Mum who has always been around me. Shout out to you, Mum!


I know how easy it is to judge each other (especially us girls) but hardly do we ever praise someone for something wonderful that they have done. It's so easy to drag someone down, but I want it to be a whole lot easier to pick someone up. Whether it's because they did something little or they continue to do a bunch of great things, everyone deserves some kind of praise!

This is why I'm going to turn this into a "tag" of sorts, and ask everybody reading this to write a post, a tweet, a status; even a letter or approaching a girl you love in real life and tell them what you love about them. In a world where it's so easy to be negative, it's time to be positive and share some #GirlLove!

- Louise x

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