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Monday, June 01, 2015

I've never done one of these "favourites" posts before, but these kinds of posts are one of the best posts to read through. I have decided not to commit myself to a monthly favourite schedule, as some months there can be a lot more things to love than others. In these Favourites posts I've decided to include things from beauty products, to music, to anything in between. This time I have collected up a group of things that have won my heart over in the past couple of months, and I will continue to do a post each time I find enough to do. I'm going to aim to have a handful or so things to share each time. Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you'd like me to continue doing these sorts of bulk review posts!

All Time Low - Future Hearts
This album, in my opinion, is revolutionary for All Time Low. I have been a fan of this band for about five years now, and even saw them live in 2013, but this album is the best of the best. The band has definitely grown; the album is well put together with some pop genred hit singles, heavier punk anthems and an amazing pick-me-up song (which I liken to their song Therapy). Lead singer, Alex Gaskarth says "It feels like a definite progression" which is a perfect description. The band has collaborated with Mark Hoppus (Blink-182) and Joel Madden (Good Charlotte and The Madden brothers) and has a definite punk feel. I have been listening to this album constantly since it's release and have yet to get bored of any of the songs. They have released music videos to their two singles, which have the All Time Low "serious yet comedic" stamp - think zombies wanting to make friends for one theme and outcast kids coming together for another. If you are able to listen to some of their earlier albums, you can tell that this 12 year old band are definately sticking around for a long time yet. 

Kate Moss lipstick - 01 Rosetto
Firstly, this lipstick is a godsend. The pigmentation is incredible, and only needs one to two applications for it to be at it's fullest. It lasts for forever, whether it's a day at university or a night out, I only need to touch it up on the inside of my lips. Although, it does smudge if you're having a whee snog, but I find that if I am having a snack or some nibbles, it dries and stains my lips so incredibly. The lipstick itself smells really nice, it's sweet without it being sickly. I just feel like an utter goddess and it's my ultimate red statement lipstick.

Gillian Flynn - Gone Girl
Okay, so I might be very late to the party but woah, this book! I feel quite bad for writing this review when I'm only a third of the way through but so far it is fantastic. I just really want to understand what happens! For those very very few people who haven't read this (or seen the movie) it's basically about a wife who has suddenly disappeared on her wedding anniversary and her husband has to figure out how and why she's gone. The book is set out in present tense with the husband and in past tense with the wife in the early years of their marriage. You get to find out what happens behind closed doors and how their marriage that seems to be perfect isn't always such, and you get to learn how important it is for communication and compromising in a relationship. The author has managed to draw me into the story so well and the characters are so real, like I can understand and appreciate how flawed they are. Everyone I know seems to have read this book and I can really see why, I am so invested in this relationship!

Garnier - Youthful Radience Night cream
I'll just get this over and done with, this is probably the holy grail of night creams. I have owned this since Christmas and am only about halfway through the pot, it's lasting forever! The formula is quite thick but it doesn't feel greasy or heavy, it is the perfect balance. It has a green tinge which I have just found out is due to one of the core ingredients, grape. I try to use this almost every night once I've washed my make-up off (but some days I don't wear make-up so I just don't bother washing my face... oops) and I just can't get over how fantastic it is. Its so fresh and when I wake up in the morning I feel very refreshed and I can see that my skin is more vibrant and full, which makes it sound that I have been paid to make this review but I just can't think of any other way of describing it!

Real Techniques - Core Collection & Starter Set 
After every man and his dog had been raving about these brushes I finally made the purchase and bought two beginner sets and boy can I now see what all the fuss was about! These brushes are my first "proper set" and I just can't get over them. The handles are beautiful, my two favourite colours and they are so easy to hold and manouver which makes for an easy application. I have a use for each brush and I just can't get over them! They were designed by some of my favourite Youtubers Sam and Nic aka Pixiewoo who are makeup stylists and do tutorials and reviews on their channel, so they know exactly what people who love makeup and don't have an endless supply of money want in their lives. These brushes are quite expensive seperately but as as set they're quite reasonable, and there are third-party companies that can sell them at a decent price. My only downfall is that the sets don't come with a big brush suitable for blush/bronzer but there is one available so I will need to go get my own.

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