Date Day: Island Bay

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Today, Conaugh and I decided to go over to Island Bay to have a cute date out. As we've both just finished uni for the semester and before Conaugh starts his exams, we decided we should make the most of our free time together.

Empire Cinema is gloriously hipster

the walk from the cinema down to the beach

after pulling faces at each other, Conaugh decided at last minute to be cute,
which resulted in this expression by yours truly

Owhiro Bay

a Paua Shell I found

First on our agenda was to visit a new cinema that's just reopened and boy was it wonderful! The cinema has an 'eatery', serving coffee, wine and beer and brunch that can be taken into the movie. I got a chocolate gelato and Conaugh got some salted popcorn, served by his best friend Zac who is a barista at the eatery. There are three movie screening rooms, and instead of the typical stained, tight single seat, this cinema has brand new double seats; perfect for cuddling! We saw Pitch Perfect 2, which (apart from the sly racist comments throughout) was amazingly hilarious and wonderfully sung. Between us, we have decided that we need to show all our friends this cinema and go there more frequently, because they screen current films and it's all cosey inside, without the hustle and bustle of big city cinemas, as well as it being really cheap to go to!

Afterwards, we walked to Red Rocks. This is a reserve along the coast where seals are often seen chilling out and doing their daily business along the lava made rocks. Unfortunately for us, the sun had already started setting as we left the cinema, so after a 45min walk the sun had well and truly set. Which meant that the view across the ocean was stunningly beautiful, but also meant that there were no seals out. We didn't get very close to the central Red Rocks cove as it was getting very late and we still had to walk back. I do want to go again when it's a bit warmer during the day hopefully with a car until the road develops into the coastal walkway so we can play around on the rocks and sand and see some seals.

I really want to do some more cute days out like this and bring my camera out, because you can't take too many landscape shots and selfies! Hope you're doing well, what have you got planned for these holidays or study break coming up?

- Louise x

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