Use Your 'And'

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I got inspiration for this post by Louise Pentland aka Sprinkle Of Glitter, who is promoting the idea of stepping away from constrictions and stereotypes that we (women) are often categorised into, and celebrate what makes ourselves special. There's so many different sides of us, we don't fit into one box and it's hard to recognise how unique we are. We need to think about and be proud of all the different parts of us, weird or not!

I am a Graphic Design major
I am a big sister
I am a crazy cat lady
I am an anxiety and depression fighter
I am a shortie at 5'4"
I am a self-taught photographer
I am a lover of makeup
I am a glass jar container -oholic
I am a feminist
I am a hair donor
I am a nail varnish nerd
I am a baking lover
I am a ex Girl Guide for fifteen years
I am a pen pal to my Nana
I am a concert-goer
I am a pop-punk music lover
I am a YouTuber fanatic
I am a class advocate
I am short sighted

I am me

There are often times when I don't think I'm all that important or special, but when I sat down to write this post, I found out that I really am! Looking at all the different qualities that makes me me is very uplifting. And to think, that I am only 20 years old, I have so much to do, to learn, to grow.

As woman and girls, we are so often shoved into boxes and categories of what and who we may be, when really we fit into so many more than just one. I often compare myself to people who I think are better than me, because I only see one of their qualities, when really they have so much more to offer and I can't judge or make comparisons so easily, because we are all so different from each other.

I am going to really encourage all of you reading this to write down your 'and's. Whether you post them online for all, or me to see is another story. It's just wonderful to step back and congratulate yourself on what makes you you. So, what are your 'and's? What are your proudest or weirdest features that make you you? What are some of your skills, your quirks, your hobbies or habbits?

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