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Friday, June 17, 2016

This post is a combination of a review of Lush's latest Mothers' Day collection, which the lovely guys and gals at Lush sent me, along with a whole bunch of my favourite products that I've been using from Lush. I know that Mothers' Day was a whee while away but I've gone into my local store and they still have some of these products left in stock! As for the other items, they are all (bar Prince Charming, which is from the Christmas range) still on the shelves!


Ladybird Bubble Bar*
Wow. This was surprisingly wonderful. I wasn't so sure it'd be as fantastic as it was because it's a lot smaller than other bubble bars and bath bombs that Lush offers, but it was such a pleasent surprise! Ladybird produced so many bubbles and the water changed to such a lovely deep colour that I couldn't see my legs! The smell was another pleasant surprise, there were definitely hints of peppermint, which by the red colour I didn't expect. It has to be one of my actual favourite Lush bath products, I've already gone to buy another one! I would even probably say that you could get two baths out of it and not have to sacrifice too much of the scent/bubbles/colour.

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb*
For the long and the short of it, the Rose Bombshell is pretty much a replica of the Rose Queen bath bomb (throwback to my first Lush review here!), although I do feel like it's a bit more subtle a version of it. The colouring was stunning; when I think of Lush and their bath bombs I think of this colour. The real flowers and flower petals inside make it just that much more special and cutesy. The scent was a lot more subtle than many of the Lush bath products, so if strong or sweet scents aren't your thing, this would be perfect for you as it really has the whole Lush bath experience without being too smell-heavy.

Sunrise Soap*
I could definitely smell this as soon as I opened up the parcel it arrived in, boy oh boy it smells incredible! Honestly, all I really want (and still want!) to do is melt it down and drink it because it just smells so natural and citrusy. I took this into the shower with me the other morning (which was a big deal as I'm not much of a soap girl, more of a body wash girl) and it was such a refreshing clean! I was in one of those crap-I-only-just-woke-up-and-I-have-to-leave-in-ten-minutes kind of mornings and it actually woke me up very quickly! I've kept it in the shower since and someone else in my flat has been helping themselves to it, so it's gotten the flat seal of approval!

Yummy Mummy Shower Cream
Whilst I was doing one of my routine post-work-Lush-walk I stumbled across the Yummy Mummy shower cream and I knew right there and then I absolutely had to buy it. Firstly, it's purple. Secondly, it's limited edition. And thirdly it smelled like absolute heaven in a bottle and I couldn't just walk out the store without buying one! I have used this shower creme almost every morning in the shower, and occasionally mixing with the Price Charming (which is a whole 'nother kind of heaven). The subtle hints of cocoa butter and something else I can't quite put my finger on, it so relaxing, I would definitely say that using this as a bubble bath cream or in the shower before bed would be a perfect relaxant.

Prince Charming Shower Cream
I have been obsessed with this shower cream for a long time, but by the time I saved up to go buy it last Christmas, it had left the shelves. But when it came out last season, I just absolutely had to grab a bottle! The name "Price Charming" is absolutely spot on, I am a little lowkey in love with the fragrance and if I was in a perfume or a candle I would buy it in a heart beat. It even has the stamp of approval from my boyfriend, he loves a good back massage with this in the shower! The marshmallow mixed with the cocoa butter reminds me of being at a fare standing next to the candyfloss machine near all the food stalls, if you're not a fan of strong sweet smells this may not be your thing, but for those of you who are, you need to get your hands on a Prince Charming (the shower cream...) as soon as it hits the shelves again!

Enchanted Eye Cream
I love trying out a bunch of new beauty products, but I always have to be weary as the skin around my eyes tends to rash out when it doesn't like something. It's not pretty. I invested a whee while ago in a little bottle of this eye cream and it's worked wonders for me! It's nothing too fancy; has got very little scent to it, it just does it's job and moisturises my eye-area without irritation. It has lasted me such a long time, because I only use a tiny bit for my eyes, so even though it can be pretty pricy for such a small container, I'd say it's well worth it. One thing that does upset me is the pump, it can get a little too excited sometimes and spray a heap of cream out when I only wanted a whee dot.


I hope you liked some of my favourites from Lush, what are you loving at the moment; Lush or general beauty products? I love trying new stuff out, so suggest some below! And if you go out to buy any of the products I talked about, or you already have them I'd like to hear about what you think of them!

- Louise x

* products that were sent to me
Disclaimer: this was not a paid-for blog post, just a good ol' honest review!

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