Rose Queen Bath Bomb

Saturday, November 29, 2014

It's been about a decade since I last took a bath! So with Lush taking off recently I thought I'd save up, buy a bath bomb and next time I visit my parents I'll use their lovely new bath and try it out. Initially I had no idea what to go for, I had no idea what type of treatment I'd need for my skin or what ingredients I'd like to use, so I just went in blind and picked the one that smelt the best. It was a simple decision to go for the Rose Queen Bath Bomb, it was the cheapest at $6.50 and was the last of it's kind in my local store so I quickly nabbed it up!

Nivea Visage Young Facial Cleanser Gel Wash Off and cucumber slices

one of my favourite shows, Girl Code

I wasn't sure whether to halve it or to put the whole thing in, so I just chucked the whole thing in, which was a good decision because it definitely wouldn't have been nearly as good only being half the bomb. I was quite surprised at how many flowers there actually was inside the bomb, it was just everywhere, and I loved every bit of it! It was a lovely baby pink shade and made the water feel so silky smooth. I was so impressed at how fantastic it was!

I put the bathroom heater on and opened the window, and honestly could have spent hours in the bath. I put some chopped up cucumber on my eyelids and relaxed in my magic land, listening to Girl Code in the background. It was honestly the best setting! I was in there for over an hour before I started feeling uncomfortable in the heat. When it got to draining the bath, everything went down the drain really quickly, I was worried about having to pick out all the petals in the plug and scrubbing at a stained bath but it all went away and I just needed to clean away a small amount of residue with an exfoliater.

If you are new in the Lush world like how I still am, I'd highly suggest the Rose Queen bath bomb, it's lovely and as I'm sitting here writing this post I keep stroking my arms because I feel so silky smooth!

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