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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Last Saturday I got a group of my friends and I to attend a Lush party. Firstly, I never knew these were a thing until a couple of months ago, and upon reading the pamphlet I got the impression that only children and a drunk hen party were the targeted demographic, but after talking to the lovely staff (one of which was my good friend Zoe) I was convinced that I absolutely needed to have a party there!

At the party itself we got to make one of their products; Angels On Bare Skin. I have honestly never steered away from their facemask and bath bomb collection, so this cleanser was new to me. The group of us and a couple of staff members (hi Zoe) got a selection of ingredients and we all took turns to pour them in this big bowl and mix them together. 

Wow, my Lush collection is getting pretty heavy, I should probably calm down! Here's how I am storing my Lush products, but since I wrote this post I have actually swapped the contents over! The glass container I keep (well used to) my pots of cleaners, samples and other little jars, and the insanely colourful box I got given to by a big group of my friends which was called Pop that had ten (TEN!!) bath bomb inside!

These are my collection of pots I have at the moment; unfortunately I did not venture down to the shower before taking this photo as I also have two other products, which sit on my shower caddie and not with my other products in my room.

Rub Rub Rub
This was a product I bought at my Lush party and oh boy this is a keeper! It smells so fresh, that when I use it I feel like a brand new woman! The consistency is exactly what I want from a scrub, and it somehow magically keeps itself cool that it kind of make my legs all tingly when I use it. I would definitely buy this again when I run out.

Angels On Bare Skin
This was the product that myself and my friends got to make at the party. I have never used any sort of cleanser like this so I'm still getting used to how thick and non-liquidy it is. I tend to use this about twice a week in the mornings if I feel like my skin is a bit greasy - I usually use it if I did not wash my face the night before. I have to make note that I don't find the smell that pleasant, I have no idea why because my friends who have the exact same product from the same batch tell me how great the lavender smell is, I just can't find it! I am not sure if I will buy this again, I might try another one of their cleansers, it's early days yet.

Dream Cream
This product I have owned for quite a while but haven't used it that often. Originally I got this for my Mum for Christmas but she gave it back to me as she didn't like it (no idea why). I haven't used it that much because I have this fear of wasting it, so I'm trying to save it haha. It's got an insanely thick consistency so I don't use it for my face as it just makes me really oily, but I have found it works wonders of keeping my legs hydrated in the winter.

BB Seaweed
I have had this for quite a while as I bought it whilst still owning another facemask and have been using it on and off (you'll find out why soon), which has unfortunately meant that it has started to dry out wahh. I have found it to be alright on my skin, nothing too great but nothing bad. It leaves my skin feel really soft afterwards, but my skin is really sensitive and I'm scared the bits inside are exfoliating my face a bit too much.

Brazened Honey
Now then, this is the facemask I am definitely not a fan of. For some reason it just isn't working for me. When I bought it, it was really dry, unlike the bowl of the stuff that is sitting out on display in the shop. I often have to sit the container in water (closed of course) to melt the product or I add a bit of water in it, as it just crumbles in my fingers. I honestly see no difference when using this facemask so this one is a no from me.

This was the first ever product I bought from Lush and I am honestly in love. I'm only halfway through the little pot and I have had it for aaages! This lipscrub tastes amazing and does wonders for my lips, even my boyfriend uses it when he comes over to my flat! I have smelt the other lipscrubs in the store but this is my favourite and if they for some reason discontinue it, I hope I get a warning so I can stock up!

Snow Fairy
This I do not have pictured but I bought it at my party and I am heavily fond of it. It is so so so so good. It smells wonderful - although I have found that using too much of it is very overwhelming! It also leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and with a hint of sweet smell on it. As it's a mid-winter Christmas product it isn't always in store but I will get another when it comes back!

Olive Branch
This product I have also had for ages as it was part of the package that I gave Mum but she wasn't a fan of it either. I do understand why with this product, the smell is not the greatest. I am a fan of the sweet or flower-y scents, and this is more rustic and I just don't really like it. It is however great at lathering up and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth, so I will keep my eye out for another shower gel that just smells a bit nicer haha.

Here I have pictured the bath bombs I got in the Pop package plus another one that I just had to had to buy.

Honey Bee
I don't remember using this bath bomb before, I usually go into the store to buy the most exciting ones and this just doesn't draw my eye. However, in saying this it smells really sweet and I feel like it'd do wonders to my skin if I was dry or sunburnt.

I am probably classified as a "fake" Lush fan for saying this, but I also haven't tried this bath bomb yet. I don't know why, because everybody goes on about how fantastic it is, and the fact that it is my favourite scent, lavender also surprises me. I have decided that when I have my next bath that this is the bath bomb I reach for.

Phoenix Rising
I'm on the verge of sounding like I haven't used any bath bombs at this rate, but again I haven't tried this one yet. It's actually because of the shimmery glitter on the outside that intimidates me. I have watched a video of a vlogger using it recently and it looked divine so this is second on my list of bath bombs I have to use asap!

Dragons Egg
Again, I haven't tried this bath bomb yet, but the thing is that I never actually see it in store! Apparently it's really exciting as it melts/fizzes into the bath so whenever I go to use it I have to remember to Instagram how it looks!

Now, this is a bath bomb I have used! Firstly, I hate avocado so I don't know what possessed me to buy it, luckily I couldn't smell much of it! It smells so fres;, there's something about the combination of scents that it's as if I'm taking a bath outside.

This was one of the very first bath bombs I got and it's one of my very favouirites. It makes the water turn a vibrant purple and it smells wonderfully berrilicious. It's nice and relaxing too, just over all a very great bath bomb!

Big Blue
This bath bomb has a lot of bits in it, and it's not a very good bath bomb to introduce to a boyfriend who doesn't like bits. It was a strange sensation having pieces of seaweed floating around you whilst in a bath and not the ocean, the deceptive blue colouring of the water didn't help this! I did find it quite relaxing, despite having a fidgeting boyfriend swishing the seaweed pieces away from him haha!

Sex Bomb
I have to say, when I first tried this bath bomb it was 92% because of the name. But wow it was such a wonderful bath bomb! It made my skin feel ultra silky smooth and wonderful, plus making the water a pretty purple colour.

Think Pink
I don't think I have tried this bath bomb before, but I imagine it would be pretty similar to Sex Bomb but with a sweeter vanilla scent to it, unlike the floral/milky smell Sex Bomb gives off. I'm looking forward to the "confetti hearts" the description says it has!

Fizz Banger
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure this bath bomb used to come in a long tube shape instead of the ball it is now? I never tried it as honestly, the bright yellow colour kind of put me off, but upon looking it up it is meant to smell like toffee apples and that has sold me right away! Also the fact that it fizzes all excitedly instead of just meltin like a lot of the bombs do, I'm looking forward to trying it as soon as I can!

Candy Mountain
I bought this as soon as I saw it on display with the Mid Winter Christmas stock, as every raged about it last time it was brought out (Christmas I suspect?) and I had to get my hands on it. Boy was it worth it! It is the cutest shaped bath bomb and it has a subtle shimmer to the pink and white colour, it feels like I'm laying in candy floss! I forgot that this was a bubble bar and not a bath bomb though, so I didn't break it up as much as I should have, but it was such a wonderful bath, probably one of the best! I do have to say it's pretty intense and I'd suggest only using half of it as I feel like the whole thing was a bit too much.


After writing out this post I feel like I have enough bath bombs and body lotions to last me a life time! Even though Lush is quite expensive and sometimes I wonder if what I am buying is worth the money; I stand by the brand. The fact that it is cruelty free and handmade and everything along those wonderful lines, I am glad my money is going towards this company. Plus everything smells so beautiful I can't help myself!

I hoped you like my haul, my friend Ellie also did a haul as she came to my party too, so remember to check her blog out too! I'd love to hear your opinions on the products I have talked about in this post, ones I have used and the ones I haven't yet tried.

- Louise x

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