Flipin' Waihi Gold

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The cutest pancake cafe in the history of ever

My pancake was beautiful and probably the same size as my torso

My brother and I next to the "Flip 'n Bear" he's grown so much and is starting to look older than me

The sea was really rough but the sand was lovely

Mum insisted I took a photo of this left-behind watering can because "it looks like art"

~I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair~

A massive mining hole that is eventually going to be turned into a lake once the gold is mined

Inside an old mining pump house

Today the myself and my family got up at the crack of dawn (9am...) to go to this famous pancake cafe just outside my hometown. After dotting around the house for three hours we finally left and were on our way. The cafe is called "Flip 'n Bear Pancake House" and is situated on the boarder of Waihi Beach. It's honestly the cutest place, inside there's teddy bears lining the walls and outside there's a bunch of picnic tables with umbrellas, and on a fine day the local flying club take out their aeroplanes on the lot next door and fly them around, which is fantastic to watch. I ordered the Raspberry topped regular pancake with icecream and whipped cream, which I had forgotten since I last went that it's the largest pancake I've ever seen and I can usually only stomach half of it!

After we had our fill on pancakes and took our leftovers in a takeaway tray, we headed to the beach and had a little wonder down. The weather was pretty clouded over and there was hardly anyone at the beach itself, but we had a good wonder up and down the beach, collecting shells and seeing how much sand we could kick up and who could kick the sand further.

After the beach we walked around the Waihi mining hole, which we do every time we go to Waihi since my brother was still in nappies. The hole photographed above has been used to mining for gold and some silver and has been in operation for a few years now, and grows bigger and bigger. They aim to get the hole about 250m deep then once they've finished mining it's going to be turned into a lake for swimming and fishing.

I love going on family trips like this, because even though sometimes we bicker and argue, it always turns out to be a great trip and even if it's not a big holiday it's still memorable and we have all these cute inside jokes between us. I hope you enjoyed this post, I took a bunch of photographs today and I couldn't not share them online, and thought it would be a nice change of content on my blog.

- Louise x

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