How To: Pot Pourri Fresheners

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

On this episode of Louise's Crafty Corner... we're making pot pourri fresheners! I've chosen to make these as a Christmas gift for my Nana, but if you want to make them yourself you can or even as a birthday gift or a Mothers Day gift (and Fathers Day too!).

What you'll need
- a sheet of sheer organza fabirc, I had approx 1m²
- ribbon or string
- a selection of pot porri in various scents, I used rose, lavender and vanilla
- a towel or a table cloth because this will make quite a bit of mess

Step 1: cut the sheet of sheer organza into square tiles, approximatly 20-30m². This fabric moves around quite a lot so ruling out lines with a black pen or a pencil and holding your fabric tightly will avoid your squares turning out rectangular or a strange star shape. However, don't panic because you can fix the squares after they're cut or once you've finished.

Step 2: separate your different pot pourri into different bowls. Avoid using the bags because taking your hand in and out of them can flick pieces of flower everywhere and that's a lot of mess you don't really want to have to clean up!

Step 3: begin to put small amounts of the pot pourri into the centre of your squares. All up you should have one large handful. Play with the scents; put the florals together and spice it up with a sweet or a citrus. Keep one scent by itself, mix it up or have one dominating scent among a couple of others. Avoid putting too many scents together as this can over-power the nose and can turn out bad. If you want to add something special, add a couple of drops of oil inside too.

Step 4: once finished, bring the corners into the centreand grip hard. As the pot pourri are already placed in the center they shouldn't fall out. However if they do, take a few pieces left, we don't want the fabric to rip or the sides to burst!

Step 5: hold the underneath of the bundle with one hand and have the other hand gripping the corners and sides. Spin the bundle until it begins to tighten up as pictured. Make it tight and make sure theres no room for the pot pourri to move about inside.

Step 6: tie your ribbin around your bundle. Wrap it around, tie it, then wrap it back around, tie it again then knot it with a bow. Again, make sure this is tight so that the pieces don't fall out. Keep an eye on the sharp pieces of the pot pourri and don't let them rip the fabric. Decorate with other ribbons or charms if you want, but I personally like the simple clean look.

Step 7: repeat until you have the number you want, or until you're out of fabric or pot pourrie.

Step 8: these little bundles of loveliness can be use to freshen up any crook and cranny. From a room decoration, to a draw freshener. 

Step 9: if you want to use this as a gift like I am, place a few onto a decorative plate and wrap it with cellophane or simply present it as is. 

Step 10: however, if now is not the time to gift your bundles, or you don't quite want to put them in your drawers just yet, keep them inside an airtight container. The more they are exposed, the more their smell will be given off, which means later on, they won't last very long when you do decide to use them.

To mix it up a bit, and if you don't want to buy pre-dried flowers, gather petals and buds from your garden and dry them out yourself. This can take up to a few weeks to do, so if you want these made immediately it'll be best to buy the pre-dried flowers or to dry your own in advance. I hope you enjoy making these little bundles, let me know how you went and share photos of your own to my social media! If you want me to do some more crafty blog posts like this, leave a comment or contact me on my social media to let me know!

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