23 Things I am Happy about, being 23

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

It's my birthday, and I'm the ripe ol' age of 23! *cue Blink-182's What My Age Again*. This year, for my birthday themed blog post, I thought I'd go for something very positive. I am trying to make myself aware of all the positive things that are happening in my life, because it's so easy to dwell on the negative things and forget that there are still positives out there!

So, here is my list of the 23 things I am happy about, right now!



1. I graduated! You must all know by now that I have graduated from university studying a Bachelor of Design with Honours; I can't believe how much I have achieved in those four years whilst studying and I am so proud of how far I've come!

2. I am more in love with my work every day! I never really thought of my design work as "good", just always thought it was "good enough", but I am starting to get recognition for my work (from friends and family as well as strangers) and it is finally making me realise that I can actually design well!

3. I am picking up a lot of design work! Although I currently don't have a secured, permanent job; I have been lucky enough to pick up a bunch of contracted design jobs. I am learning lots about how different companies work, and it's a fast-paced way of expanding my experience!

4. I am discovering new things creatively. I have always loved type, it has been a staple for me design wise since before I knew that design was a "thing"! But in the past year and a bit, I have discovered just how much I love type and all the different way to express yourself/something through typography and I have been discovering new forms and medias to create type with!

5. I am loving photography more and more! I have always liked photography and have been trying to get myself involved with photography more and more. I got a Canon 600D camera and some lenses and started learning. I have followed some great photographers online (Instagram, for the bad rep it can have, it's quite brilliant!) and along side my blogging and university, I am getting better and better with my photography skills! I am even thinking of doing an online photography course (suggestions please!)



6. I am becoming so much confident lately. I am learning to stand up for myself, recognising my worth, and realising who and what is worth my time and energy.

7. I can stop taking my anti-depressant medication soon! I need to be able to have my life sorted out (particularly having a secure job) and once that's all settled, I am allowed to ease myself off them! I'm so excited and proud that I've made it this far!

8. I am loving myself more and more each day. This is something that I am trying really hard on, to love myself more; it's so easy to pick apart the things that you might not like about yourself, but you've got to remember that there are some fantastic things about yourself!

9. I am nourishing myself. This is something I struggle with, as I am one of the laziest people I know when it comes to taking care of my body, but I am getting better and better. I went off the rails this year with going gluten free but I am bringing myself back on track and nourishing my body with foods that are healthier. Another thing that I am trying to work on nourishment wise is sleep; although this has gone out the window since I started freelancing from home as I don't have a proper schedule, but I am still trying to set myself a bed time so I get that much needed 8-9hours of sleep!

10. I don't need things to be happy. This has been one of my 2017 goals, that I start to declutter my belongings; which I feel like I have been doing pretty well - although I am still far from being perfect. I am buying clothes, products and food that are of good quality and ethics, which with the price-tag that comes with that, has meant that I am buying less things.



11. I got my first ever tattoo! It's three sprigs of lavender, which reminds me of home (plus lavender is my favourite scent and purple is my favourite colour) as we used to have a lot of lavender bushes outside of my childhood home. I love it so much and can't stop looking at it!

12. I am going to Melbourne, Australia! Nothing is set in concrete yet, but my boyfriend and I are hoping to make my first ever trip overseas and go to Melbourne for a holiday!

13. I am going to Semi Permanent! SP is an annual design conference, which is held in Auckland (for the New Zealand version) and my family was kind enough to buy me a ticket to go for my birthday, so my good friend Hollie and I are going to have an awesome design-filled weekend next month!

14. Live music! I have seen a lot of my favourite musicians live in the past year(s) and I am so happy I have the opportunity to experience such talent in person!

15. Not needing alcohol to have fun. Sure, alcohol is great and can help let off some steam every now and again; but what I've started doing lately is having more board game nights, pot luck dinner parties ad movie nights rather than raging parties; and I love it!



16. I have a wonderful boyfriend. He makes me so much happier and stronger, and I have become a better version of myself since we started dating. I can't believe it's our three and a half year anniversary next month!

17. I have a fantastic support network. I have gotten such a great network of close friends that I can always rely on for a night in watching movies and heart-to-heart conversations, a shoulder to cry on or a good laugh.

18. My family is the best! My family are constantly supporting me; whether it's in my friendships and relationship, my design work and career, or my day-to-day choices. They have always got my back and I cannot thank them enough.

19. My church community. I have found a fantastic church over the past year, filled with fantastic people whom I not only like to spend time with in the congregation itself, but we also meet up most weeks and play board games and watch tv together.

20. My online family. This means you guys! I have made so many friends online; through Twitter and blogging groups, and a lot of these friends have become rocks for me, they're the ones who relate to me so much creatively and mentally and I am so thankful to have stumbled across everyone!



21. Inspirational people. I have discovered so many inspirational people; whether they're mental health advocates, creatives or funny people on YouTube; I have broadened (and also constrained) my morals and the people that I find myself looking up to have changed to show this.

22. Hidden treasures around Wellington. I have lived in Wellington for almost four and a half years now and it's such a treasure trove of cafés, art galleries and experiences!

23. I am becoming more aware of my body. This sounds a whole lot more sexual than I intend it to be, but hear me out. What I am trying to say is that I am noticing more and more when my body is struggling to keep up with my mind. It's hard to go so long not caring what you put in, or do to your body to suddenly notice how badly you're treating yourself; but I am learning more and more and am getting better!


Wow, that was much longer than I had anticipated; well done to those of you who made it to the end of this post!

What are you happy about with your life right now? Any exciting things happening to you? Have you discovered anything new and fallen in love with it? Do you have any similarities with me? I'd love to know!

- Louise x

PS, I have a bunch of blog posts up my sleeves at the moment so expect more content on here soon!

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