My Zinefest Experience

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I attended Zinefest for the second time this year, but what made my experience different from last year was that this time I was a stall holder!

I have been wanting to sell some of my design work for ages, but never really got around to actually doing it. When the Wellington Zinefest Facebook page was promoting a few months ago saying that they were wanting stall holders, I jumped at the chance. With only $5 for a table, what could go wrong?!

I have been designing typogrpahic prints with song lyrics, quotes and phrases for years, sharing a photo on my Instagram every so often of one of my latest pieces. As well as working part time and studying full time, I still managed to fill up a lot of Visual Diaries with my designs. Trying out some stippling, some watercolour and calligraphy with my designs. It wasn't until I started getting comments on my photos along the lines of "I'd buy that" that I decided it was about time I got my a-into-g and did exactly that!

Zinefest was a perfect opportunity for me to develop some of my designs and put them out to the public to feast their eyes on and buy at their own free will. And buy they did! I have to say, I printed of waaay too many copies, but I still sold quite a few, which I was stoked as it was my first time not only at Zinefest but also my first time actually selling some of my own work!

The feedback I got from the people who visited my stall was all very positive, they loved the watercolour detailing, the script typefaces and the overall design of each of my pieces. I even had quite a few people say that they recognised me from online (whether that was from my blog here, or my various social media!) which made me feel like so much more confident and welcome to be there.

Becky, Cathy-Ellen, Ellen, and Rachel

I have to say a massive thank you to the Zinefest committee (above!) for brining such a great thing to life. These girls put in so much work into the day, which involved a lot of prepping. They had many, many workshops leading up to the event (sadly, I had work so I couldn't attend) so people could learn basic design skills so they could possibly make a zine of their own. There were also just small details that made everything so much better, they had an intersex bathroom (male, female or other), there was a Zinefest "museum" where people could see zines that had been made in previous years, there was also a chill-out zone where people could sit, have some nibbles and a cup of tea if the hustle and bustle of the day got a little too much.

Did you go to the Wellington Zinefest? Did you see me? I'd love to know what you thought! However, if you didn't manage to come along, I have set up an online store (!!!) at where you can buy the prints I made for Zinefest, and I will be updating it more regularly with more work! Hope you enjoyed my post and have a whee squizz at my store. Bye for now!

- Louise x

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