What's In My Design School (University) Bag?

Monday, October 10, 2016

I have watched countless "what's in my bag" videos on YouTube, from makeup bags to travelling luggage, it wasn't until my friend, Hollie did a video about her University Bag that I felt that it would be quite good to show what I take to design school every day and things that I feel are a necessary part of my daily routine. Enjoy!


Backpack - Typo
It seems like every female on campus carries their work in a totebag or a handbag, but that just has never been my style. Having a backpack with two straps to hold everything in a large sized bag is so convenient. I have both my hands free to carry groceries on my way home from class or carrying projects from studio to studio!

The aqua colour just screamed out at me when I saw it, the fact that it is also (faux) leather means that it's pretty much completely waterproof too. Also, what's fantastic about it, is that the straps have a buckle that spins 360 degrees, so that if the strap ravels up when you put it on, it will automatically untangle and you don't need to figure out where the strap has tangled up. There's also a not-too-big but not-too-small pocket on the front which I can store whatever I feel like storing, that I don't want to lose in the depths of the main pocket.

Pencil case - Typo
I have never understood people who are able to carry two pens in their pocket to class and that be sufficient enough for their day. What if they run out of ink? What if you need a pencil? What if you need a ruler? People who don't have a pencil case stress me out, it's like a fashion statement to me. Which is why I have this stunning pencil case by Typo. I love the gold paint on top of the green colour, it even matches my bag (which I totally didn't plan... honest!) I'm also a sucker for a great phrase written on things, so this pencil case was perfect!

In high school I exclusively used a blue pen for writing notes and a red pen for the headers, but now whenever I see a blue pen I associate it with the schooling years and it sends shivers down my spine. I have made the migration of moving to a black pen to write all of my notes, and I have found that Typo does a really good black biro for a decent price, five for $5! I make sure I have all the necessary items like a scalpel (I feel so badass using a craftknife rather than scissors!), a Stabilo highlighter, an array of fine-point black pens (incase I NEED to do some calligraphy practicing), a 2B triangular Faber Castle pencil, and the best eraser I have ever gotten my hands on by Milan.

Sometimes I bring more stuff like masking tape, a stapler, a glue-stick, a red (!) pen or coloured pencils; but my pencil case typically ends up having approximately ten black biros and three 2B pencils, or no black pens or pencils at all. It's a lucky dip, to be honest!

Sunglasses - Bailey Nelson

These glasses by Bailey Nelson are my babies, I have owned them for almost a whole year now and for the first time I haven't gotten sick of a style of glasses by twelve months! They have a really nice, subtle brown tortoise shell pattern to them with a soft brown tint to the lenses. They came with a hard case, however I am not the MOST careful and I have bent the side of the case a bit, as you can see by the image. They're perfect though, the lenses are large enough to cover my eyes but are still fashionable. I definitely recommend Bailey Nelson for glasses, their designs are top notch!

Wallet - Strandbags (Marakai)

I have just gotten this wallet in the past year or so, but it's probably my favourite wallet I have ever owned. It has a lot of empty card slots (I have a LOT of those buy-ten-coffees-get-the-eleventh-free cards and club cards) so it holds all of my things together whilst still having the ability to close. Believe me, I have broken many wallets because I try to stuff them with too many things and the buckle/clasp/zip ends up breaking!

But what I think is my absolute favourite is that it has a little purse in the centre that flips from one side to the other, it hold all my coins and receipts and any random things that I happen to collect (it currently has a lot of the McDonald's Monopoly stickers and a set of earrings in it).


At design school we almost exclusively use visual diaries, as these have no ruled lines in them which means it's a whole lot easier to do illustrations and sketches in them. I haven't ever really been able to decide whether I like using A4 or A3 sized visual diaries; I love A4 because they fit in my backpack and are just easier to hold, but A3 can fit so much more in them!

I also have an A3 folder that I bought in highschool for my Graphics class as we didn't use books and only A3 loose paper, so I needed something to carry and store my stuff in. I have taken this with me to university as it keeps my A3 books dry when it's raining on my walk to university, but it also is great if I am having lots of loose "things" for class - like fabrics, cut outs, brochures etc.


I hoped you enjoyed my little tour of my bag, I hope it was useful for you if you are heading off to university and are wondering what you might need to buy. Would you be interested in some more university-tip styled blog posts? Also, did you enjoy my little gifs I included, because I certainly enjoyed making them!

Hope you're having a great start to your week!

- Louise x

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  1. This is one of the most fun "what's in my bag" posts I've ever seen, I love the cute gifs! I'm definitely a black biro user, for the same reason as you - blue reminds me too much of school.

    1. Awww, thank-you Meagan! I'm quite pleased with how the gifs turned out! Blue pens = a no from me!

  2. The pencil case and that wallet is SO cute! And your gifs are so fun!!! Thanks for sharing! xo Tiffany www.parsnipsandpastries.com

    1. I am obsessed with both of them, the colours are too cute! And thanks about the gifs, my first time making something like those so I'm glad they turned out well!

      Also I love your blog, I am hunting for gluten free recipes and gawking at the yummy looking non-gluten free recipes haha!

  3. I love the little GIFs on your blog, that's so cool. Loved this post!

    xo Anna Elizabeth

    1. Thanks, Anna! I love the photography on yours! (I've admired you form afar for a whee while!)