Benefit Brow Kit - Review

Friday, October 28, 2016

Soft & Natural brow kit (3: medium)

This kit, although I wasn't convinced at the time was the best kit for my skin and hair tone (I wanted to go darker) not too dark and not too light, and because I haven't really used many products on my eyebrows in the past, it was the perfect one to begin with.

(can I also just say how much I lvoe Benefit's aesthetic, the colours and metalic foil and the imagery they use, not only on this kit, but across their whole range is so cute!) #notspon

It was priced at David Jones NZ to be $49.00, which initially seems pretty expensive, but then you think deeper and it's actually really cheap for all of the products that you get! I've had this for almost two weeks and have been using it every day, it has become a staple in my look; I never really "got" the hype around having filled in eyeborws, but with this I totally get it!!

High Brow highlighter

I wasn't too sure on this highlighter pencil at first, because it's for your eyebrows and that's a bit weird to have a whole product dedicated to highlighting your brows. I have used it quite a few times however, I am still not completely convinced it's a necessary. But I do like using it with my eyeshadow as a highlighter to blend with. I guess I just got to stop pushing it away with confusion and actually use it to see how great it could be.

Grade: 2/10

Ready, Set, Brow! clear brow gel

A clear brow gel is something that I've been wanting to try out for a long time. I initially thought it as a fad, (my boyfriend still does) but honestly, I have actually seen a decent difference between using this and not using it. What I find is that it holds the pencil that you use to fill in your brows, and it sticks there for the whole day. It also somehow makes my eyebrows appear thicker and darker, not quite sure how, it's some kind of magic!

Grade: 8/10

Goof Proof eyebrow pencil

Now this is the main attraction. I have never been someone who is "good" at filling in their brows, but as the name hints at, it's easy! This shade is dark enough to fill in my brows, but not too dark that it looks awkward, it's a spot on colour to my hair.

This was actually what I initally went to the Benefit counter for, but as the pencil itsef was about $35 alone, and this whole kit was $49, I figured I may as well go all in!

I am still having a whee bit of trouble mastering filling in my brows to make it look natural (as much as filed-in eyebrows can be!) and stay in the lines (look at the next product below to see how this can be achieved!) but boy oh boy, it does an amazing job! If you are just wanting to get an eyebrow pencil and not the whole pack definately go for this!

Grade: 9.5/10

Eyebrow stencils

This was something that I thought was a nifty idea, especially to include in a kit like this. I was one of those girls who heavily over-plucked their eyebrows in highschool, and have had a lot of trouble growing them back ever since. Essentially I let them grow and get them threaded every six to nine months, plucking out the obvious outliers in between (sorry beauty gurus!!). But now that I have these nifty stencils that I can use to help shape my eyebrows in between those torturous threading sessions!

I'm still torn as to what actual "look" I want to go for, but I shall figure that out over time!

Grade: 6/10


Have you tried any of Benefit's products yet? I've only just gotten "into" Benefit in the past couple of years (I have the Roller Lash mascara as well) as it's not that "big" in New Zealand. Also, Benefit has just brought out some Christmas packs,  (un-sponned but) you should totally check them out!!

And lastly, I'm thinking of doing a what's-on-my-face/every-day-look post soon, would that be something that you'd be interested in? Let me know below!

- Louise x

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  1. Brows are seriously everything to me!! It would probably be my one makeup item I would bring on a desert island. Can't wait to try some of the new products out!

    1. I've only just gotten into brows, and ahh they're just GOOD when they're done!! Definitely check out these Benefit products if/when you can!

  2. Ahh this is too funny that you shared this! I literally had this kit in my hands on Friday while shopping at ULTA and I put it back because I was like "hmm, I should probably look up reviews on this before I spend $49" LOL! Thanks girl :) I'm sold!

    xo Anna Elizabeth

  3. I JUST got this as well and I love it! I'm pretty obsessed with the gel! xo, Tiffany

    1. It's SO GOOD right!! The gel is one of my new make-up staples!

  4. As a brow newbie, I loved this post!


    1. Thank you! I'm just as much of a newbie as you are, good luck with your brows haha!

  5. I got the brow gel as a freebie in a magazine, and it's totally my HG product now! It just makes everything that much more refined, and my brows STICK! No more bushy brows, but I can get that sharp angle I so desire... Haven't tried the pencil yet; need to get to the brow bar to find out a good shade!

    1. I'm pretty sure that the brow gel is a HG for me too! I used to get one or two hairs just flick out the top, or the hairs would just look like bedhead! Defs go to the brow bar, the girls that I went to are so lovely!