My anti-stress Pamper Routine

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Recently, I feel like stress has become a second emotion for me, which is absolutely not on. Balancing university life, a part-time job, freelancing jobs, volunteering as well as having a social life and a relationship... it can sometimes get a bit much!

Working hard doesn't always mean working well! When times get tough and I find myself going crazy, what I need to do is step away from my computer and give myself a whee bit of a pamper night (why does life always become so much more stressful at night?!).


When I have a proper pampering session I like to work my way from my head to my toes, I guess it's a way to have some sort of organisational control! What I've been using a whee bit lately is the Lush Tangled hair treatment. Which is essentially a hair mask. I got this for a birthday present and have only just recently gotten around to using it. It looks a lot like a lollypop or an iceblock, which makes it even cuter, in my opinion! As my hair is very short and not very thick, I've been getting a few uses out of it. All I gotta do is dissolve it in some hot water to make a creamy-ish mixture then apply to my (dry) hair! It's got such a lovely citris-y, fruity scent to it, I am quite obsessed!

Whilst I leave the Tangled hair treatment in, I then prep my face for a face mask. I use Simple's Micellar Cleansing Water on some cotton buds to remove any eyeliner or mascara I have on (I don't knwo why, it's just so much easier to use cotton buds on my eyes, it gets the makeup off much quicker and it doesn't hurt my eyes as much as there's less rubbing). I then put a few drops on some cotton pads to remove any makeup or oil from my face. I then follow up with a hot flannel and wash my face with the Neutrogena Extra Gentle Face Wash

After all the face wash is washed off and mostly dried, I then apply my Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque; I've recently started applying my facemasks with a brush as it;s bee a lot easier than with my fingers, I use my Natio Foundation brush (fun fact: this was my first ever make-up brush!) I have only recently come across Aesop as a brand, and have done a whee bit of research and they are very ethical and their products are amazing! A bit on the pricy side as this mask was $40rrp, but you only need to apply a small layer on so it lasts for a very long time!

Once my hair treatment and face masque have finished doing their thing, I hop into the shower to rinse it all off. If I'm feeling extra pamper-y I go through my shower routine after rinsing everything off. 

For hair I've been rotating between Lush's Smuggler's Soul* shampoo bar or Lush's Jersey Bounce* shampoo. I tend to use one one day and the other the next. Smuggler's Soul has a very relaxing coca butter and sandalwood scent which is divine, it's very soft and gentle. Jersey Bounce I have found to be a deep clean, the sea salt pieces and traces of egg (I was a bit worried there was egg in my shampoo but it's not gross, don't worry!) mixed with honey really gives my hair a good pick-me-up! I then follow up with Lush's The Plumps* conditioner bar, it really softens my hair as my hair can get dry and brittle very easily.

Once my hair is taken care of I then choose between my strangely growing shower product range, but at the moment I've been reaching for Lush's Smuggler's Soul* facial scrub, which I use as an all over body exfoliator, which I focus mostly on my back, my chest and my legs. Winter has meant that I have gotten pretty dry as I stay in bed far too long and when I get out of the shower I'm rushing around and don't have time to properly moisturise my body; times like this are a real treat to get my skin in check!

After I'm out of the shower and all dry, I moisturise up with The Body Shop's Strawberry Body Butter which I use over my legs, arms, chest and upper back; you really need to moisturise up after exfoliating! I then apply Lush's Enchanting Eye Cream over and around my eyes, as the skin around my eye is extremely sensitive and most moisturisers bring out a rash, and so far Enchanted is the only one that hasn't done that! I then lastly use L'Oréal's Age Perfect Night Moisturiser on the rest of my face and my neck, it gives a lot of moisture to my face which lasts all night and at the same time doesn't make my skin oily.


Once I've pampered myself I usually put on my snuggliest pyjamas, hop onto my computer and watch some YouTube videos or a TV show; my recent favourites are The Saccone-Jolys on YouTube and Brooklyn Nine Nine. If I'm feeling extra special I might even paint my nails!

What do you guys do to give yourself a break when you feel stressed out? Mine's obviously a pamper session! Have you tried any of the products I've mentioned here?

- Louise x

* These products have been kindly sent to me by Lushas part of their Father's Day and Hair Care collection. Reviews are 100% my opinion and by no way swayed by Lush's generosity,I only talk about products that I love!

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  1. Awesome review Louise! Excited to

  2. I loved this post!! I need to start doing a few of these to de-stress.

    xo Anna Elizabeth

  3. This sounds like the most wonderful way to relax!

  4. That lush hair treatment looks so intriguing! I really need to branch out and try some more lush products! xxx

    1. (I am so sorry for not replying for so long!)

      That treatment is really interesting, right?! You really really need to try Lush, it's well worth the hype!

      PS, I love your blog!