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Sunday, July 24, 2016

I have followed Ohh Deer online for a good few years now and always thought their witty comics were just so spot on; the light hearted but also lowkey dark comedy, adorable illustrations and many, many puns makes their brand a favourite of mine. I sadly never got around to ordering anything off their website. Until now!

Being a graphic designer, and simply being my general self, I am obsessed with stationery. The cuter the better. When I found out one of my favourite indie/design/stationery brands was releasing a stationery subscription box called Papergang, I knew straight away I had to sign up.

April: A5 flamingo print, Drew patch, A5 notepadpineapple print, bear card, wooden ruler, TMNT card

I unfortunately missed out on the actual first month of Papergang but as subscriptions opened for the second month I made absolute sure that I wouldn't miss off the cut-off date this time! There actually ended up being a huge mix-up with the post, and the postage company "lost" my order, so I contacted Ohh Deer and they were ever so kind to send me a second one for free! But then my original box turned up, so I ended up with two! Which I am secretly happy about because that means when I run out of, say the notepad I have a backup!

I feel like this month was a good introduction for me into the company and into the subscription box itself, there was a lot of stuff in this one! My favourite pieces were the lined notepad paper which I am using as letter writing paper (my Nana and I are sort-of pen pals at the moment!) and the bear in a cardigan card which I have stuck up on my wall above my desk. I also love the TMNT card, which I am waiting for it to be somebody's birthday to give it to someone!

As this month was my first month with Papergang I got a cute little fabric patch with an illustration of the leader of Papergang, Drew. I don't know if Drew is an actual person or not but I thought it was a cute pun either way! I'm thinking of attaching it to a denim jacket perhaps?

May: pencilsshopping list, crane scissors, rhino card, A4ish grid notebook

My second month was one that I really, really loved, it had a lovely theme that went across almost all of the pieces with the black nature-y pattern and subtle hints of gold. I'm a sucker for a cute pattern and foil embossing so when this box arrived on my doorstep I knew I was in for a treat!

I adore all of the pieces in this month's box, and I am already using all of them. I have the rhino print on my wall with the bear from last month, I am using the shopping list as a notepad for my desk, the notebook I am using to help plan blog posts and I have the pencils and the (cutest) pair of scissors sitting in a pot on my desk too!

I have to say that this month was a definite step-up from last month, which I didn't hate at all, but with this month I definitely loved and most certainly will use every single piece.

June: wrapping paper, pug notebook, penwashi tapeNOPE. card

Boy oh boy, when I heard this month was a Gemma Correll special I squeeled in excitement! I love Gemma's illustrations and have been following her long before I found out about Ohh Dear as a company (she actually introduced me to it through her Instagram!), if you haven't seen her work I really recommend checking out her stuff!

I have gotten a whee bit of an obsession with washi tape lately, and these three tapes have the cutest patterns on them, possibly even too cute to use! Similar to the wrapping paper, which I am going to hang on my wall as a print instead of giving it away, it's just too cute! As mentioned earlier with my wall above my desk, the NOPE. card is waiting to be hung up, as I feel very connected with the illustration haha! Also, the pen is actually really good quality (not something you often find with cute-designed pens!) which I have popped into my pencil case for university.

Like last month, I love every single piece that was included. And what was done differently this month to the past was that some of the prints included were different between boxes (I stalked the #Papergang hashtag until mine arrived!) and I solidly think I got the best of the bunch, not to be biased! (Although the other prints that were sent out were still just as cute and funny)


I solidly think that this Papergang subscription box is an amazing idea, I haven't quite found a subscription box with a theme like this before (no this isn't sponsored, but if any Ohh Deer reps. are reading, hi!) and have solidly enjoyed all of my boxes. I have however had to stop my subscription after three months as I couldn't afford to carry it on, but if I could I would most certainly join up again!

I have linked under each photo all of the items that were included in each box, those that are not linked are items that were exclusive to Papergang and/or I couldn't find them on the website. If you're wanting to subscribe to Papergang click here, it is about £10 plus shipping (approx $19NZD) which I think is pretty reasonable, considering the items that you get~

Have you gotten the Papergang subscription box yet? What are your thoughts? If not, have I swayed you?!

- Louise x

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  1. Oh noooo. These look amazing and I love stationary more than is normal. that washi tape! It all looks so beautiful... Maybe once I'm employed and no longer studying I will look in to a stationary subscription like this one

    1. "oh no" was my reaction when I heard they were bringing it out!! It's all so beautiful, I wish I could afford to carry it on!