Blurry Face Tour: Twenty One Pilots concert review

Saturday, April 23, 2016

On Monday 18th April myself, my boyfriend Conaugh and my friend Lydia went to see one of my absolute favourite musical acts, Twenty One Pilots. Long story short, it was freakin' amazing. Twenty One Pilots, for those who do not know them, is a two-piece electropop/rock/alternative band; Tyler being the singer (pianist, keyboardist, tamborine-ist, ukelele-ist and bassist) and Josh being the drummer.

The concert itself was so jam-packed full of energy, I'm surprised I managed to fly back to Wellington and go to class less than 24 hours afterwards! Today I thought I'd share with you my collection of photos from the night, and my thoughts of the concert itself. Enjoy!

Our Seats

The concert was in Vector Arena, with the whole place being General Admission. We had originally planned on being in the moshpit area, but upon queueing up and realising how insane the moshpit would be, we decided on being in the seated area (panic attacks are not fun in a moshpit, I warn you1). Even though we were in the seated area of the arena, it didn't feel like we were missing out on the show at all (I have been to concerts where this has actually been the case) and the three of us danced, fist-pumped, sung and rapped the night away.

The Set

The boys managed to play every one of their big hits, from the most upbeat of upbeat songs to a few of their tear jerkers. What TOP did, that I haven't really seen in a live act before is instead of playing one song, then the next, then the next and so forth; they instead every so often would mashed-up their songs and play half of one then half of another then finish the first song then start another. This was something I hadn't expected or experienced before, and I strangely enjoyed it. This kept the concert flow and keep up the high energy, and it also meant that they played a lot more songs then they would have otherwise.

The boys performed every song that I hoped that they would, even their cover of Elvis Presley's Can't Help Falling In Love, which I got quite emotional with and clung to Conaugh as Tyler played his ukelele version. (I have to say, I was a little bit upset that they didn't do the whole song, but I got a taste of it live, and that's all I really wanted.) When it came to Car Radio, (which is my all time favourite) Tyler ran to the back of the arena and stood on top of a podium and sun (well, screamed) one of the last verses, definitely a highlight!

The Stage/Lights

The general theme of the band's songs is a somewhat dark one, so inevitably the lighting reflected this, with very few bright spotlights and a lot of colourful flashing lights to show where the boys are whilst the rest of the stage was blacked out. Or, in contrast, there'd be ultra bright lights shining from the very back of the stage so as an audience member all you can see is their silhouettes.

Tyler is known for his erratic movements around the stage, jumping and back flipping off anything he can access; which we were not let down by. That boy (yes, he's almost 30) has so much energy and can leap up onto his piano or back flip off it with no difficulty at all. Being the only singer in the band, I'm honestly quite surprised he has so much energy to throw himself about the stage and still sing and rap like it was nothing.

Audience to Band connection

Like most, if not all musical acts, there were a lot of audience interactions; which I may or may not have screamed my head off (and Conaugh, who was standing between me and the stage) every time Tyler asked us a question or go us to sing part of the song.

One of my absolute favourite parts of the night, which I had seen in YouTube videos before the concert was the boys performing on top of the crowd. Now, I'm not just talking about the singer standing on the barrier, leaning over the audience (which Tyler did do) but they also got Josh's drum kit on a platform and got part of the audience to hold it up whilst he played. Then, there was the finale of performing Trees where both boys had a single drum each which were also held up by the audience on either side of the moshpit and drummed (with so so SO much enthusiasm) the last parts together, a few beats performed each to resemble a drum-battle of sorts.

I guess one of my favourite things about Twenty One Pilots is that you can tell that there's a connection between the two of them, which makes relating to the band and their music that little bit more special. The real question is; who loves Josh Dun more, the TOP fandom as a whole, or Tyler Joseph? The amount of shout-outs that Tyler did to Josh (even calling him Spooky Jim Christmas - Josh's current Twitter name) did, you could really tell that they're not simply bandmates, but they are also best friends.

I have to give this concert a 10/10, this was an experience like no other, the electronic feel of this band was not lost through the live-ness of the performance and it still felt raw and real.

Did you get to see Twenty One Pilots live when they came to New Zealand? Have you seen them live before?

- Louise x

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