My Eyeshadow Pallet Review

Thursday, January 14, 2016

One day I was having my routine window-shopping-during-my-lunch-break walk around in Farmers and I stumbled across this brand The Art Of Makeup, which I had never heard before, (and upon doing a whee Google I couldn't find anything on the company, it's not even on the Farmers website) but in their little display by the front counter it had this beautiful thing. All I knew, was this palette has the most gorgeous copper packaging and it was less than $20, that I just HAD to get it.

The palette has a mixture of mattes and glitters, with a lot of natural colours and a couple of pinky-purples thrown in the mix. I have found that it is perfect for every occasion as it's got such a broad range of shades that can be paired with almost every look you'd ever want! 

It also comes with a small double ended rubber applicator, which I honestly have no idea how to use and I prefer brushes to apply eyeshadow anyway. Although, I have actually found the rubber brush good for blending out eyeliner into the eyeshadow in smokey looks either on the lid or under the eye.

Unfortunately there aren't any names that go along with each colour, which I feel is half the fun of eyeshadow palettes. So I'm just going to number the shades with a name of my own.

1. Nude Light (matte)
This colour is so light it's almost white, it is a perfect blending colour as it's virtually spot on with my skin colour!

2. Nude (matte)
This is a bit of a darker nude, which I feel is perfect for a simple all-over-lid look or as an alternative blender to 1. Nude Light.

3. Nude brown (glitter)
This is a whee bit darker again and is great for inside of the crease or as an all-over look.

4. Pink (glitter)
This colour being the most vibrant of the palette is a wonderful soft pink that I feel works great no matter what the season is, as it's not too bright or too dark, I have been using it heaps in summer.

5. Grey Purple (glitter)
I think this is my favourite of the lot as it's just so versatile, can be put almost anywhere on the lid and it looks great.

6. Brown (glitter)
This is a very dirty brown and I feel like it's probably my least favourite of the lot. I can't seem to find much use for it yet, unfortunately.

7. Dark Brown (matte)
This colour is almost the same shade as my hair (i.e my eyebrows) that I can use it in the crease of my lid or sneakily in my eyebrows for extra definition.

8. Bronze Brown (glitter)
This shade is also a close contender for my favourite of the lot as it's a very dark brown like 7. Dark Brown. I tend to use it a lot at night or for a more defined looks as it's quite pigmented.

9. Dark Purple (matte)
I find this to the the utmost perfect shade to use at night and I wear it almost every time I go out to a party or somewhere where it's not well lit as it really defines my eyes well.

10. Black (matte)
This is just an average black, where nothing can really go wrong with it. I have actually found it to be very dusty so I have to tap the brush a good few times before applying as it can get all over my cheeks really easy!

11. Sparkle Black (glitter)
This is the most glittery of the glitters in this palette, which I find along with 9. Dark Purple as the perfect night-time eye shadow shade. I tend to use this in my outer corner or along my lashline with a smokey look.

12. Gold (glitter)
This is the most gold-est gold from the palette and it simply works wonders, it's so warm and cosey.

When I am having a casual day in town or going to university I like to use 4. Pink over my lid with either 5. Grey Purple or 12. Gold in the outer corner. When I'm going to work or want my uni-look to be a bit more prominent I'd use 3. Nude brown or 12. Gold over my lid and 4. Pink or 8. Bronze Brown in my outer corner. When I am going out for a party or generally just a nigh-time look I would tend to use 5. Grey Purple or 3. Nude Brown on my lid with 11. Sparkle Black in the outer corner. But overall I can manage to match my eyeshadow with what I'm wearing.

Overall, I have found this palette to be perfect for beginners (cough, me) or for those who don't have the money to fork out for one of the high street brands (cough, me). The colours are very pigmented, and are easy to build up. However I don't find them lasting a long time in summer as they bunch up in the crease with the heat (I guess I get sweaty eyelids???). I do feel you get your money's worth with this palette and would recommend it.

- Louise x

PS. If you're interested in seeing some of my makeup looks, whatever the occasion, let me know in the comments below!

PPS. If you happen to find an online link to this palette or find it in stores, let me know too!

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  1. This palette looks so nice - but so mysterious that it doesn't seem to exist online! Id love to see some makeup looks :)

  2. It is truely lovely - I will defs do some looks soon using it!

    - Louise x