2015's Best Bits

Sunday, January 03, 2016

I know this is a bit backwards flowing on from my last blog post being about 2016, but lets just ignore that. Today's post is about looking back on the best parts of 2015. A Favouirtes-but-not-actually-Favourites post!

One of my favourite days of 2015 was my birthday holiday with my family

1) #NZBloggers
This year I joined in on the New Zealand blogger community, and even managed to get out and attend a couple of events! I have made quite a few friends through the NZBlogger community, learnt more about blogging and generally just had a great time!

2) Friendly Products
This past year I've been trying to be a lot mindful of where my beauty products and food have been coming from, and opting for the more cruelty-free choice. This has proven to be quite difficult because quite often the cruelty-free option has been a lot more expensive (particularly with food) but I am trying to educate myself and find out where my "things" have come from before I go to purchase them.

3) Beauty Care
As I've been reading and watching more Beauty B/Vloggers, I have been learning more about my skin and what to and to not do to it. I've been taking a lot better care of my skin and it has shown a lot, which I am really pleased about! My skin doesn't break out as much (just gotta sort out that diet of mine) and it isn't as tempermental-ally oily or dry.

4) Smoothies
This year I got (with my Fly-Buys points haha) a smoothie maker and have started to get into the Smoothie Scene. I have a heavy love for berries, so they are an absolute must. So far they have only been berry and dairy, but I'm starting to try recipes from Niomi Smart and other healthy eating online faces. I've found smoothies such a great energy boost, and with my struggle to have lunch, they're a great alternative to skipping a meal because it's basically a drink!

5) Working
Okay, so this probably isn't my absolute favourite thing, but c'mon, it's still fantastic working! I got my first retail job this year and it's a pretty relaxing position. I've actually learnt heaps in the past few months of working at the store and it's been pretty fun because there's only three of us in our team so we're all pretty good friends. It's also been great to be earning money again (I haven't work since before I started at university) and not having to rely solely on StudyLink. Plus I get to buy more clothes and makeup! (Don't worry, Mum, I am saving some of the money. Just also spending some too!)


What's been your favourite parts of 2015? Do we share any favourites together? Leave a comment below!

- Louise x

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