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Friday, December 04, 2015

I got tagged by the lovely Lili to do the 50 Random Facts About Me tag. I have decided to split the fifty facts into five groups of ten, like Rebecka did.

here's a pretty photo of the sunset outside my window whilst I was writing this post


1. I'm an introvert but I hate being and feeling alone.
2. My favourite scents are vanilla, lavender and mint.
3. I'm terrified of dogs, unless they're the size of a cat. Then I'm still a bit skeptic.
4. My favourite number is four.
5. I used to work in a Winery and in a Kiwifruit Laboratory when I was at highschool.
6. In mid-2014 I cut off 28cm of my hair and donated it to charity.
7. I have very low iron levels, making me anaemic.
8. Anaemia paired with insomnia makes for a very tired Louise 24/7!
9. I have to sleep at least nine hours a night to feel rested, but at the moment I'm getting about five hours a night!
10. Winter is my favourite season.

On The Outside

11. I'm 5'3" and have a bit of a baby face, so everyone thinks I'm 16-18 rather than 21.
12. I have never broken a bone, but I have had to have stitches twice.
13. I hate feet, but I think mine are pretty cute.
14. Which is pretty ironic as I work in a shoe store and have to help customers put their shoes on.
15. It wasn't until this year that I started getting 'into' make-up.
16. I'm a lowkey germaphobe, I can't go to the kitchen or bathroom without shoes on, or I tip-toe.
17. I don't have any tattoos... yet!
18. I will always have my nails painted, and hate the sight of chipped nails.
19. The only reason why I stopped biting my nails was because I started painting them and didn't want to ruin the paint work!
20. I'm obsessed with popping pimples, but I can't stand watching anyone else do it.

Family and Relationships

21. I am more of a Daddy's Girl than a Mummy's Girl. My Dad and I are quite similar with our personalities and tastes.
22. I have one sibling, a brother four years my junior.
23. I am very protective of my brother and will probably fight anyone for him.
24. I have 15 cousins and 14 second cousins. All from my Mum's side of the family. And none on my Dad's side.
25. 2015 is the first year of me not being at home for Christmas.
26. I had my first kiss with my current (also first) boyfriend almost two years ago to the date.
27. I lived in the same house from when I was born to when I left for university. Then my parents moved four months afterwards. Coincidence?!
28. I grew up on a kiwifruit orchard.
29. My primary school and secondary school were across the road from one another, so the transition wasn't major to say the lease!
30. I aim in the next five years go over to the UK and see where my Dad grew up.

Creative Side

31. I didn't decide to study Design at university until I was in my last year of high school.
32. I'm terrified of graduating because I'm scared of the unknown.
33. I'm tempted to do a degree like psychology once I have my Bachelors in Design.
34. I'm my own worst critic, I'm almost never satisfied with anything I create.
35. I can't get enough of pastel colours.
36. I'm obsessed with purple, any and every shade of it.
37. If you put an image of a cat on it, I will probably buy whatever it is.
38. I almost never close anything I have open on my computer. I currently have 14 tabs open and 8 programs open. Whoops.
39. I have filled up almost four A5 books with my hand-typography work.
40. I aim to have a little online shop running where I sell some of my typography prints in the new year!

Popular Culture / Mainstream Media

41. I really enjoy watching reruns of old English shows with my Dad (One Foot In The Grave, Are You Being Served, Last Of The Summer Wine)
42. I've been to two Taylor Swift concerts (the first one being my proper "first concert") and am still cut that the 1989 Tour isn't coming to New Zealand.
43. The first "YouTuber" I watched was CharlieIsSoCoolLike.
44. I almost got a detention for Tweeting in class (I never had a detention my whole schooling life)
45. The first Doctor Who episode I watched (when I was about eleven) was S05xE09, The Empty Child... I can't look at gas masks the same!
46. My favourite movie is Stuck In Love.
47. Music has most definitely saved my life on numerous occasions. It's just always there for me.
48. I've never seen any of the Star Wars movies but I'm going to the premier of The Force Awakens (obvs. going to watch them all before-hand)
49. My favourite tv shows are Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf, even though I feel like the writers are starting to run out of ideas.
50. I lowkey want to start a YouTube channel, but knowing me I probably won't start it until after I graduate.


I hope you learnt a little bit more about me, I choose to tag any of the #NZBloggers and whoever is reading this that wants to do it! Also Ellie and Lydia.

- Louise

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