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Friday, November 06, 2015

I saw Emma Blackery do it on her Youtube channel, so I figured why not give it a go and carry on the tag! This is meant to be an Instagram tag, where you post the answer to each question on Instagram with a photo of the product, but I figured I'd be different like Emma and do it on my blog instead.

1) What is your favourite product?
Love Lettuce or Cosmetic Catastrophe are my favourite products that I alternate between. Funnily enough, as I was packing to move into my boyfriend's flat, I found two Cosmetic Catastrophe Facemasks, so I am trying to use them quickly before they go off, which means instead of my usual once-a-week-facemask night, it's more like two to three nights. Not that I have an issue with that, I love facemasks especially CC so much, but when I go back to the frequency I normally do, my face wont be used to it and would probably have a meltdown.

2) What's your favourite Bath Ballistic? (Bath Bomb)
Twilight is probably my most favourite Bath Bomb so far. Lavender being my favourite scent, this isn't that surprising, and also that purple is my favourite colour it's pretty spot on aesthetically.

3) What's your favourite Bubble Bar?
The Comforter is by far my favourite Bubble Bar at the moment, as I mentioned before purple is my favourite colour so this one is a real winner in my books. I also love me some bubbles and this bar really gives you a lot of bubbles! So much that sometimes I break a little bit off when I use a Bomb and sneakily pop it in. I'm also a massive fan of fruit, especially berry scents so it's all wins with The Comforter!

4) What's your favourite Bath Melt?
Shocking, with my obsession on having baths, I have never had a bath melt. I just have been obsessed with the bombs recently and am making my way through the range, but as I'm nearing the end and am just going for my favourites again, I might widen my horizons and get a melt. What would you suggest as your favourites? I'm tempted to get the Mmm Melting Marshmellow Moment.

5) What is your favourite soap?
Like Emma said, I am not really a fan of solid soaps. I love my shower lufa and I find shower body wash are so much easier to manager in a bottle than a block of soap. Plus I don't feel like they have that much of a scent in comparison to a gel.

6) What it your favourite Shower Gel?
On my birthday, I bought myself Snow Fairy in the mid-winter-Christmas range and have been using it almost every day since. Surprisingly I still have a quarter of it left! It smells so so good, and whenever I use it I quite often get compliments from my flatmates on how nice the bathroom smells after I've showered! It produces a lot of bubbles on my lufa and it actually cleans me very well, and isn't just looks and smells.

7) What is your favourite limited edition product?
To avoid being repetitive, I wont say Snow Fairy. But, to be very boring, I haven't tried many limited edition products so I don't have a definitive answer yet. I have recently just gone in and stocked up on Christmas-y bath and shower products, but I'm saving them all for December so I can get into the festive spirit.

8) How many kitchen products have you had?
I have tried going onto the Lush Kitchen website and I don't think they actually post their products from the kitchen internationally. However, I have started utilising the NZ Post Office's YouShop feature where they send an order to a warehouse and then send it to your New Zealand address. I'm not sure if that'll work with products such as Lush as I don't think they'll be able to get through customs. But this has given me an idea and I'm going to try it out.

9) How long have you been a Lushie?
I honestly had no idea about Lush, and only seen some Youtubers speak about Lush a couple of times
about Lush. It wasn't until I moved to Wellington for university in 2014 and went into Lush that I fell in love with it. Which then unfortunately I found out that there was a store at the local mall in my hometown that shut down, so when I go home over the holidays I have to stock up as there isn't a store near home.


I hope you enjoyed my little Lush Tag post, I tag Ellie and all the New Zealand Bloggers! I look forward to reading all of your posts; remember to link them to me in the comments below. I want to get some recommendations for new products to splurge on!

- Louise x

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  1. Twilight is one of my favourite bath bombs as well, it smells wonderful :)
    If you love lavender, you'd probably really enjoy the Ceridwen's Cauldron bath melt. It's got oats, lavender, sandalwood is is really lovely/soothing :)
    I will definitely do this tag :)

    1. Oooer, I think I'll have to definitely try Ceridwen's Caultron now (sounds like something out of Harry Potter haha) thanks for the recommendation! And let me know when you upload it so I can have a whee read!