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Sunday, October 25, 2015

If you haven't seen from my Twitter or other social media, I have recently been hired at a shoe store (Maher Shoes) which means I am not as financially crippled as I have been this past year, woo! I thought to myself that I should treat myself and buy a few goodies. As it is currently Labour Weekend in New Zealand, almost every chain store is having some kind of sale so I figured I may as well make the most of it!

Side note: not pictured here is the new 5 Seconds of Summer album Sounds Good Feels Good. Which definitely sounds pretty good, they were onto something with that title ha.

Milk/Pale Cornflower Blouse - Glassons

My first purchase was this beautiful blouse. I am slowly starting to upgrade my wardrobe to a "young adults" one, rather than just skater skirts and singlets everywhere. This shirt is so so pretty, it's got these delicate blue flowers all over and the material is very light; perfect for summer. I've decided I'm going to wear it to work with a singlet underneath, or wear it out with a nice white bra.

Nightlight/White spotted & Black/White Spotted - Perfects (Farmers)

About a month ago I decided to suck it up and get my boobs fitted to be sure I was buying the correct bra. Turns out for my whole teenage years I have been buying bras in the size that couldn't have been more wrong, and it also turns out that when you wear the correctly sized bra that your boobs don't hurt! These are two gorgeous bras from Perfects which are shaped to give cleavage sent from the heavens above, they make my chest look so so good, I never want to wear a shirt again!

Mint and Black spotted socks - Cotton On

These are just some classic ankle socks, buuut with some cute as frick details. There are little mint spots all over that are debossed to come out of the fabric, and they are so fuzzy and ca-ute. Then there's a little lace lining along the top, so when I wear my Converse or Vans the lace pokes up around my ankles!

Chameleon Topaz Nail Varnish - Revlon from Kirkcaldie & Stains

If you didn't know already, I am a nail varnish fanatic, so when I saw this I lost my mind and just had to buy it. It's an exciting topaz shade that changes colour depending on the light. I'm currently painting my toes with it as I write this post, I would post a photo but feet are gross (not mine though) and uncomfortable so I wont.

Pearl Massage Bar - Lush

As my boyfriend and I have the amount of tension in our backs as two eighty year old people who are stressed to the max and refuse to retire from their manual labour jobs, we have gotten into the scene of massage bars. We have just finished up the Wiccy bar, we've moved onto this one. It's rose scented with antioxidant oils to boost circulation, which is supposedly great for tight muscles. We're going to try it out tonight, I'm so excited!

Hello Panda Biscuits & Koala No March Biscuits - Meiji & Lotte from Countdown

At the end of the day as we were planning what to cook for dinner my boyfriend, his flatmate and I were wondering through the international aisle and I stumbled across these. I had a friend at high school, Krystal (hi, if you're reading!) and every day without a doubt she'd bring one of these with her packed lunch. If you haven't had these before they are these little biscuits (shaped as pandas or koalas respectively) and as you bite into them there's a sweet chocolate or strawberry filling inside, so so good!


I hope you enjoyed my little haul post, I am planning to do a favourites post sometime soon, so keep your eyes out! Also, how great is it that summer is coming and we can wear floaty skirts and dresses again! Unless, you're on the other side of the world going into winter, or you're someone who doesn't wear skirts or dresses hahaha.

- Louise x

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