How to: Look after (brightly) coloured Hair

Saturday, September 05, 2015

If you haven't heard, I got my hair dyed bright pink recently! I know, that sounds quite a drastic change to my usual brunette but it's been so beautiful I'm in love with it! What I didn't realise that when I dyed my hair was how much more maintaining it needs; a usual shampoo and air dry isn't quite good enough. I thought I'd write up a whee blog post about what I've learnt about having coloured hair.

1) Dry & Brittle
Schwarzkopf Extra Care Liquid Silk leave-in treatment - $7.99 150ml

Because I went from a dark brunette to a bright pink I needed to have my natural hair colour stripped and bleached off. This was the one part of my hair getting coloured that I wasn't a big fan of, but have managed to work around.

This hair treatment is a fantastic product that helps maintain the moisture and glow in my hair. I have actually owned this product for about six months but only now has it properly come into use. My hair has always been known as the soft hair that everybody likes to stroke, and now that I use this product about three times a week after my shower in the morning, the softness is starting to come back.

2) Dullness
Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense - $45 100ml

Even though I got my hair dyed to a bright pink, it still somehow feels and looks really dull. When I got my hair dyed I was given this oil which I had never heard of until I looked at the packaging, but I have since looked it up and it is a very high marketed product. Unless you know you have the money I don't think I'd suggest buying it, I'm sure there's similar products on the market a lot cheaper.

This bottle is firstly made of glass, so you know it's pretty high class (it rhymes so it must be true!) and what's more is that it has a dropper on the inside so you push the button on the top of the lid/cap and it sucks up the liquid, then all you need is a few drops (I use two because my hair is really short, but if you have long hair you could use a few more) onto your hands, rub it around then what I do is scrunch it into your hair. It's got a tonne of various oils in it and is recommended for dry, thin or brittle hair which is perfect if you've been recently bleached or dyed, in order to get that nourishment back

3) Retaining the Colour
Tressemme Colour Vibrance - $12 900ml
Herbal Essence Hello Hydration - $6.49 300ml

As most of you would probably know, if you have coloured hair you need to partner it with coloured shampoo! I have been using this product, which is the coloured version I spoke about in an Empties post I wrote a while back. I don't quite know what is so special about coloured shampoo but it just seems to not wash your hair as much as a regular shampoo would.

Now what I also do is I pair this shampoo with a "normal" one. My friend Sam suggested to do one day with the coloured shampoo and one with a regular one, I don't know how or why but it seems to really work. I have finally started using Herbal Essence shampoo and it's so soft on my hair! Unfortunately you can't leave it in for too long with coloured hair as it washes the colour out quite a bit.


I hope you enjoy this post, I'd highly suggest all these products. Let me know of any other hair care products you use, and if you have coloured your hair, what colour have you gone! I'm also going to upload a post about having my pink hair but I am currently waiting for permission to show my photos as they've been sent off for a modelling competition!

- Louise x

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