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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Recently, I have been a whee bit naughty and did quite a bit of shopping. Firstly, there was a make-up clearance sale that came to town, where a heap of factory seconds and simply discounted products are shoved into this one chaotic room and it's basically every (wo)man for themselves! Secondly, I went to Auckland recently to go to a 5 Seconds Of Summer concert and just absolutely had to go shopping in the big city! I didn't go too crazy, as a lot of the things I bought were surprisingly discounted, but I did treat myself to a few higher market things. Let me know if you like these kind of beauty/haul/review posts, as I enjoy writing and reading them myself, they're quite useful!


Sally Hanson Fuzzy Coat: Tweedy 800

This nail varnish I bought from a make-up clearance store, and after hunting online I cannot seem to find them on the Sally Hanson website, but it wouldn't surprise me if drugstores or department stores still had this range on sale. I've actually just tried this nail varnish tonight, as I am writing this and it's quite an exciting design, I haven't used any decrotive nail varnish apart from glitter before, so using this kind of confetti texture is really fun! The bottle suggests to use 2-3 coats, which I thought at first was a bit excessive, but I ended up doing a colour coat underneath and one coat of the "Fuzzy" polish with a bit of touch-ups was plenty. I do have to say that the name "fuzzy" is pretty confusing as it doesn't actually feel fuzzy, it's just a bumpy texture like typical glitter polish.

This nail varnish I also bought at a clearance store, but it is still up on the Max Factor website so I think it's still in stock at other retailers. This specific type is advertised to last up to 7 days, which I have only just put on so I do not know for sure how true this is, but I feel like I trust this brand enough to believe them. The pigmentation in this formula is fantastic, I have only applied one coat of colour and it's so vibrant I don't feel like I need another. It's also very quick drying, so for a nail varnish that is highly pigmented and fast to dry is quite a rare occurrence I will definitely look into buying more from this range!

Rimmel Stay Matte ~ 100 Ivory

Oh my goodness gracious, I think I have found the holy grail in affordable foundation! I have honestly been on a hunt for some decent foundation for months, and whenever I ask around people suggest brands that are about ten times out of my price range, but when I stumbled upon this beauty my heart skipped a beat and I said to myself "I have found it". This foundation has got some sort of magical mousse-y power, something I have never experienced before. I have worn it all day for about a week now and it is just stunning. It covers up my black bags under my eyes really well, and sits on my face without getting oily or shiny as I get hot and sweaty. I actually found this in a clearance store, but it is still on the Rimmel website, so I'm going to hunt around to see if it's still in production because I really need more of this in my life!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo ~ 55 Immortal Charcoal

When I first heard the term "colour tattoo" it got me worried, but upon thinking about it it clicked in my head what a fantastic idea for an eyeshadow! This is a "cream gel shadow" and is advertised to last up to 24hrs. I don't know about you, but there has never been an occasion for me to need an eyeshadow to last 24hrs, but in all honesty I feel like this formula could possibly do it! I have only just started to dabble in the cream shadows instead of the typical powder formula, but I think I have found a product that actually lasts throughout the day without bunching up inside my eyelid crease. The formula is heavily pigmented which means it doesn't take ages to apply, but it's also quite thick so when applying it's a bit difficult to get from the pot to the brush, but in saying that I feel like I've gotten the hang of it.

Rimmel Waterproof Gel Eyeliner ~ 001 Black

I have been wanting to try a gel or liquid eyeliner for a long time, but there's just so many products out there I'm too intimidated to try anything. But when I went to a cosmetics sale and spotted this bad boy, I felt like there was no harm in trying it. As I have only ever used crappy eyeliner pencils I don't have much to compare this to, but from what I have experienced I think it's doing the job quite well. The pot comes with it's own brush, but I feel like the bristles are too thick to actually apply the product in a clean line, so I have been making my way through my own brushes to find the perfect one to use - if you use a gel eyeliner, what brush do you suggest on using? At the moment I've been applying it to the lashline of my upper lid and blending it in with the eyeshadow I spoke about earlier as I can't seem to get a sharp line.

Benefit Mascara ~ Roller Lash

Boy oh boy oh boy, it seems like every (wo)man and their dog has been raving away at this mascara, and I got caught up in the beauty haul video watching frenzy that I convinced myself that I just had to get one for myself. And what an understatement that was! This is probably the most amount of money I have ever spent on one beauty product, but I am about 90% sure it was worth it. This mascara wand is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, it's so delicate and tiny and the bristles are made out of a plastic material instead of the thin fur or hair that a lot of brushes tend to be. The formula itself is thin but works amazingly well, it doesn't clog up or make my eyelashes stick together. It's just so perfect I can't get over it.

Rubi Blush Cheeks ~ Rose

Rubi by Cotton On has recently released a small beauty range, and I came across a blusher of theirs that I just couldn't resist. The blush is inside a cute box, which is quite a large one at that, I don't think I'll be using it all up any time soon! One downfall I'd say is there is no mirror in the package, which would be handy if I used this on-the-go. The formula is very very heavily pigmented, which can be quite intimidating when applying, but it is really easily blend-able making it appear more natural on the skin.

Topshop Brows Pencil ~ Brown

Just like I assume a lot of you reading this, I was one of the victims in my teenage years of over-plucking my eyebrows, and I have regretted it every day since as they just don't seem to ever grow back! I have heard of people using brow pencils to thicken their brows, but have always just used eyeshadow... until now! I came across this in Topshop, and within their limited range of colours I found the perfect shade. I have used this a few times as I am still quite nervous on the idea of it, and worried about not applying it properly, but it does actually seem to make a difference!

Rimmel London Moisture Renew ~ 560 As You Want Victoria

This lipstick brand was the first brand I had ever used, so I feel like I have some sort of emotional connection to it, there's no surprise that I have another one! This brand I have always found to have a stunning formula and lasts quite a while, and when it starts to come off, it doesn't do so in a horrible way, it just slowly fades away. This colour is the perfect in between of red and pink and I feel like it can be worn all year round in both a casual and formal sense.

Topshop 5 Years of Beauty ~ Ohh La La

I have always wanted to own a Topshop lipstick as everyone seems to own one and I felt like I was missing out, so when I finally go to check out the store I knew I had to come away with one! I got this beautiful coral shade, which is perfect for Summer-Spring time, but I think it's still okay to pull off in the Winter days too. I have to say that this lipstick isn't strongly pigmented, but once applied a few times and assuming you don't have any signs of chapped lips, it turns out very nicely. It doesn't last for a long time, which I am disappointed in, but I still enjoy this lippy all the same!



This shirt I bought from a clearance Glassons store, so I don't think it is in production any more. But wow, I never thought I'd buy and wear something of such a vibrant colour! I actually ended up wearing this top the night I bought it (to my 5SOS concert) and it was just so perfect. The sleeves are adorably cute, and cut off just past the shoulder in a very flowing manner, with a decently sized gap where it sits by the armpit, which I think works so well as it is a combination of a nice fitting shirt as well as still remaining loose and floaty. The back of the shirt is something that I have picked up in fashion recently, where it isn't sewn up, and has one side of the shirt sitting on top of the other, so when walking (or moshing) it opens up, this would be perfect for summer!


This shirt I also bought at a Glassons clearance store and cannot seem to find on their website so it must have been the last in production. This is another colour that I'd never imagine myself wearing, I am always too scared that red or bright pinks will wash me out but somehow this colour in the middle (it's almost like a coral, but more vibrant) just looks sooo good! The front of the shirt is very low cut, which means that if you're not comfortable with a bit of upper boob being on show, will need to have a singlet worn underneath, but I'm just imbracing this and showing it off to the world! The straps change into this thicker black material, sitting on the shoulder perfectly. The shirt itself is made up of two layers, so it may look like a summer-y top, it can be styled with a jacket and scarf and still be warm!

Cotton On Body

This underwear I got in a bundle on sale, and I just cannot get over how cute these are! They are each made from a soft material, the purple in this see-through mesh and the other two in a soft almost silk like material. The pink pair have a very exciting double-band around the waist which I think gives it a sexy appeal to it. When I bought these I went out to lunch afterwards and just sat there rubbing the fabric on my face! I have bought underwear from Cotton On Body before, and it's usually a hit-or-miss in regards to what ends up lasting, but something tells me that these babies are going to do just fine. I haven't worn these yet but I have stroked the soft material many a times so I think my toosh will think of them just fine.

Fox Mug ~ Stevens

If you know me, you'll know that I have quite an obsession with mugs. But when I saw this I really couldn't leave this little guy behind! It's essentially a plain white mug, which is the perfect size I may add! Then around it is the cutest knitted fox face I've ever seen! There's a little button and loop by the handle of the mug so it can detach from the mug itself to be washed. A minor detail that I have noticed is that when you go to drink from the mug, there is enough space between the ears for your mouth to fit, which is so handy because I tend to hold my mugs in my right hand so this is a problem well avoided!

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