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Sunday, June 14, 2015

This is the first of most likely many, many "Empties" blog posts. I feel like this is almost a "Favourites" post at the same time, except I don't think I'll be doing them every month like a lot of beauty bloggers do. Anyway, here are all the products I have finished lately!


Shampoo - TRESemmé, Luxurious Moisture for dry damaged hair
This shampoo has lasted me almost a full six months and I am in love with it. It doesn't have any (or much) artifical scents, so I feel actually clean rather than perfumed like a lot of products make me feel. I don't use conditioner as it can often make your hair extra oily, and I have found that my hair is soft and silky smooth with this shampoo, also why buy another product you don't need?! As I have very short hair, I use a small dollop of this once a day, every day and it works really well. I have a sensitive scalp which can get irritated really easily so this is very calming and doesn't inflame my skin. I would repurchase this product, but as I have recently coloured my hair I'm moving onto a "colour" shampoo instead.

Facewash - NIVEA Visage, Wash Off for oily/impure skin
This facewash is incredible to get all my makeup off really quickly. I like the gel formula rather than a bead-y one as it is soft to my skin and just does what it needs to do. As I don't wash my face in the morning (because all I've done is slept, why do I need to?!) this is great to use after a day at uni with my every-day make up on, or after a party when I tend to have a lot more on my face. I have had this product a long time, probably five or so months and I have noticed in the last few weeks that it has started to irritate and sting the area around my eyes and mouth, which I am not sure if this means it has gone off (which there's no other evidence for it doing so) or if my skin suddenly decided it hated it. I don't know if I'd buy this again, as I'm someone who likes to try every product that there is out there, and with it starting to hurt my skin at the end I'm not that keen.

Facemask - LUSH, Love Lettuce fresh face mask
This has got to be my all-time favourite facemask. It has my favourite scent, lavender and I just want to smoosh it on my face all the time. As my skin is not very blemishy, and I don't want to tamper with it, I only use a facemask every 7-10 days. I find that by doing this, not only does the product last longer but my skin feels incredible. I find this facemask really helps with my oily-combination skin and doesn't sting or irritate my skin, which is fantastic as I can have sensitive skin at the best of times! Also, if I collect five of these little pots I can take them back to the Lush store and get a free refill, awesome! I would definately buy this product again, I have tried almost every Lush facemask and this has always been my favourite to go back to.

Body Scrub - LUSH, Life's A Beach body scrub powder
This was a body scrub that I actually got to make at a special Lush event, which was top raise awareness for seabed mining (which you can find out mre about here). It is a very natural product and I love using it on my skin. It's base ingredients is sand and salt (with some perfume and something to hodl it all together) which means it is very dry and scratchy. It is absolutely stunning and I have definately seen a difference since I started and finished this product. It is suggested to be used "sparingly" so I only used it once a week when I have a bath on my legs. It is a tough scrub that gets rid of all your dry and rough skin, which I amazingly managed to use to (sorry, tmi!) get rid of a couple of verrucas on my feed and cracked heels. I was also told that it works amazingly on rashes such as eczema. As this was a limited edition product I am not sure if it is still on sale, but I don't think I'd go and buy it myself as it's basically the same sort of thing if you were to go to the beach, but I guess as it's winter it's justifiable to purchase.

Moisturiser - Neutrogena, Oil-Free Moisture for sensitive skin
This is my holy grail of face moisturiser, no doubt. I have been using this product for about three years and I have no bad thing to say about it! I have found that this is perfect to use during winter, because it is great for dry skin and as I live in a very open city vulnerable for wind, my skin gets very dry and this really seals in the moisture after I've had a shower for all day. I have oily-combination skin and this product is oil free and it is just strunning to use, however I have found that it is a tad too thick to use during summer. BUT I have discovered that this brand does a sister product that has sunblock built in that is wonderfully balanced to use during summer. I would definatly repurchase this as I am quite nervous about finding new moisturisers as my skin does get really oily or really dry if I don't get a product with the right balance, it's maybe a fraction more expensive as other moisturisers but it lasts forever (two-and-a-bit bottles over Autumn-Winter).

Nail Varnish - Sally Hanson, Inst-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat
I was suggested this top coat by a friend of mine, but unfortunately it didn't quite live up to it's expectations. I somehow manage to chip my nail varnish more than the average person and this product is known for it's ability to reduce this, but I honestly saw no difference. This product is very expensive, around $20-30 a bottle, and I have quite a connection to Sally Hanson, their nail varnishes have such a wonderful formula and the brushes must be made out of unicorn tail hair because their application is stunning... I just didn't see much of a difference with this product and I have recently tried another product (which I will mention in an up-coming Favourites post) that is so much cheaper and so much nicer.


Candle - Yankee, Summer Scoop
This was my first ever candle I bought and I can say it's been the best one yet. The scent is so delicious, it actually feels like summer and I'm eating a berry-fulled icecream! I have to say, it's very expensive and I'm not sure if it's actually worth the price I payed for or not. I wish I could afford the larger version of this as it's absolutely beautiful, I may have to hint for my birthday coming up! I am obsessed with glass jars at the moment so I'm going to melt the left-over wax and use the jar as a storage container, just what for I have no idea. This is a very expensive candle in comparison to other brands, but I feel like it's almost worth it? I am just so obsessed with this scent!

Candle - Glade, Lavender & Vanilla
Despiote this brand being known for it's cleaning products, I found this candle to be incredible! You can definately distinguish the two scents, lavender and vanilla which are my two all-time favourite scents, it's not a fake or artificial smell like I had thought it would be. I had been burning it almost every day, it's perfect for when I'm in the bath or if I'm laying in bed reading. It has surprisingly lasted quite a long time, and I like to burn it for a couple of hours every other night. It was so so cheap and I'm tempted to stock up when I go to buy more, as it's definately a re-purchase kind of item!


Hope you enjoyed this post, I'm liking this beauty take of lifestyle themed posts I've been doing recently! I'm on holiday now, so I'm going to try to post more regularly in the coming weeks, I have a lot of posts planned; a couple of hauls, a concert review and my birthday celebrations! I hope you are all doing well as I expect you are on holiday too, what have you got planned?

- Louise x

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