5 Seconds Of Summer | Concert

Sunday, June 21, 2015

On Thursday 18th June I experienced one of the best nights of my life, seeing one of absolute favourite musicians, 5 Seconds Of Summer in concert! 

If you haven't heard of these boys before, they're the next big thing that's come out of Australia. They're a young punk-pop four piece band (not a boyband) who have been together since 2011 and are currently on their world tour, Rock Out With Your Socks Out.

Firstly, these boys had so much energy and enthusiasm and were go genuine it brought tears to my eyes. Ashton told us that he was so jetlagged from coming from London, England a day before the gig that he, quote "didn't know what he was doing" but it didn't stop the boys from putting on a fantastic show! Michael, a few days ago got badly brunt from a pyrotechnic display (fire guns at the front of the stage) which he jokingly told us that he encountered a "fire breathing dragon", but it still didn't stop him from being his immature self. They were jumping around the stage, running back and forth and joking between songs.

At one point during their set they asked the audience if anyone wanted to come up on stage to play Calum's bass, which got everyone really excited. A nine year old boy, which turned out to be Calum's cousin was chosen. It was honestly the cutest thing, all our hearts swooned as the boys taught him how to hold the bass as this boy played some notes to the massive arena. You could tell the boy was overwhelmed but really excited about being on stage with his big cousin.

The performance overall was really down to earth and natural; the boys switching guitars between songs so the music sounded just right rather than keeping the same instruments throughout the set. The stage lights were lovely, changing colours and vibrancy depending on the vibe of the music being played. Behind the boys were L.E.D. screens that focused on each of the boys at various angles, at one point a Go-Pro camera was attached to Michael's guitar to show an up-close view of his playing.

In all honesty, it's really difficult to choose what part of the set was my favourite, there was so much and it was just so great to see my faves perform live. From almost loosing my voice screaming for an encore, to the arena being split into three groups to clap/sing/oooo-er parts of a song, to the whole arena having their phone lights out for the slower songs. It was just so wonderful!

If you are considering seeing this band live or just looking them up, I'd definitely recommend you do so, (they remind me of a younger All Time Low). I'd just suggest that you wear earplugs to their concert because I know that my ears are not big fans of mine.

- Louise x

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