Rainy Day Woes

Saturday, April 18, 2015

I feel like I've been quite withdrawn from the blogging world lately and now that I am in my mid-semester break I want to make a comeback and share more things on here. Now that Autumn has made itself known to us and Winter is soon approaching, the days can appear to be very dreary and lonely. I have come to realise how easy it is to be sucked into things like school, university and work; but as soon as you're able to have a rest from your day-to-day life it can suddenly dawn on you how much time you have on your hands. This can be very overwhelming and I know from personal experience that this can result in hiding away to avoid any decision making.

I've decided to compile a list (as I sit here in bed perhaps contradicting myself) of things to do to make the most of a seemingly boring day.

get creative in the kitchen

Make a dinner or bake a treat for you family or flatmates, or even just for yourself. Experiment with flavours and cook up something that you've never made before, or get out the famous family recipes and go for something more tried and tested. If your creation doesn't turn out as planned you can always turn it into something else, or feed it to a pet (assuming that it isn't toxic to them!).

light up a scented candle and get cosey

I have recently discovered my love for scented candles and almost always have one lit in my room. I am not sure if it's something about the chemicals in the wax, or the fact that it's something burning in the background but having a lit candle makes me feel all warm and cosey and relaxed. My favourites are lavendar and other subtle flowery scents, or a vanilla sweet scent. I have found a range of amazing brands at high end and low end department stores that are each beautiful smells.

 find a good read

If you're not a book person who someone that dreads having to read hundreds of pages then don't fear, there is still a great read for you out there! Discovering a new blog, or a magazine, or even a compilation of poetry; there is something to read everywhere. Going into your local library or book store is a great way to find something new to read; by checking out the Top 40 books or just picking something out at random are my favourite ways to finding something new to read.

get organised

Tidy space, tidy mind! I can bear to see my bedroom to be messy for a long period of time, but realising just how untidy it is can be quite daunting. I like to attack things one at a time. Going through your wardrobe and chucking (giving to charity, that is) clothes that you haven't worn in months can be quite therapeutic, and I personally take this as permission to go and buy more cute things. Cleaning your desk or study space after assignment hand-ins is a refreshing way to tell yourself that you're on break, sorting out your dressing table or bedside tables can also leading to a treasure hunt by finding things like your favourite lipbalm or a lost earring.

get artsy

By picking up a camera, paintbrush, pencil or anything that allows you to make something will bring out the creative side and can be very rewarding. If you don't consider yourself to be an artist then do something that makes you feel creative, or give it a go anyway! I consider myself a good typographic artist and I love designing quotes in my little book, grabbing my mug of finepoints and my favourite album of quotes is very uplifting. However, I don't consider myself to be an illustrator, yet I still try to teach myself how to draw basic shapes and imagery that I can try to put in among my typography.

challenge yourself

Whether this is physically like an exercise regime or spiritually like meditating, try something out that is different to the status quo. If you've seen something that looks exciting but you've just never got around to doing it, give it a go! Learning or discovering new things activates your mind and your wellbeing and even if it is a struggle at first, push through it and you may even find yourself a new hobby.

pamper yourself

Taking care or spoiling yourself is very satisfying. This can be anything from drawing a bath, giving yourself a manicure or doing your makeup. There's something about this that just radiates and makes you feel all warm and cosey on the inside. My favourite thing to do to pamper myself is to get out all my Lush products and give myself a head-to-toe spa treatment and afterwards I just feel so relaxed. I especially do so after a hard day at work or university because I end up going to bed with a positive vibe and in the morning I feel fantastic.

Hope you enjoy this post and try out some of these ideas for yourself. They may seem small, but doing something, anything, can make your day change from feeling like an utter waste or gloomy to a more successful one. Let me know what kinds of things you like to do on a rainy day or your day off, and link me to your photos showing what you've done, I'd love to check them out! Until next time

- Louise

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  1. These are great ideas! I like reading and pampering :D


    1. I love dedicating a whole evening to pampering! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) x