New Flat, New Room

Sunday, March 15, 2015

It's been a long time coming but I am finally doing a whee Room Tour! I decided just to show the interior of my room, as it's my own space and it really speaks 'Louise'. Decorating my room has been so much fun, especially living in a house rather than an apartment it feels so homely and I can actually live here instead of stay here.

My bedroom is on the top story of our house/flat, the whole top section is my room, with a sort-of lounge hallway area outside where the stairs come up. Nobody in my flat really comes upstairs unless it's to borrow my nail varnishes, so I have the whole floor all to myself. The space upstairs is amazingly huge, there's slanted ceilings but because I'm only a whee 5'4" it doesn't really bother me.

My office space is outside of the bedroom area itself, which is great because with my books and computer out of my sight as I lay in bed, the pressures of assignments and things to do leave my mind. I also have a futon couch in that space, so I can lay on it and watch movies on my computer or have people over and we can all sit there, rather than being crammed awkwardly on my bed.

As my new place doesn't have a built-in wardrobe I have had to invest in a dresser to store most of my clothes. The beauty about having a dresser is that it comes with a counter top, so I have space for all of my make up and beauty related things. Since becoming an active Vlog subscriber, I have adopted an addiction for candles, and almost always have at least one lit. I love creating a combination of smells, like berries and flowers, or sweet vanilla and fruits by having more than one candle on. Above my dresser I have hung up all of my polaroid photos. Just over a year ago I bought an Instax Mini camera and have obviously become very addicted to it, I love taking it on adventures or to parties and take photos of my friends and scenery that I want to remember.

My bed is placed by my dresser (or is it my dresser is placed by my bed?!) and I've tried making it very pretty and "designy". I recently invested in some Euro Pillows - the giant square ones - and they are honestly the most comfortable thing ever, I am not going back to the boring rectangle ones! In my flat I lived in two years ago I had the word "smile" written above my bed with fairy lights, but this year I have decided to hand my fairy lights above my bed to look like stars so when I found a shop that did big letter stickers with gorgeous geometric patterns on it I just had to have my "smile" reappear above my bed!

I have to say, one of my ultimate favourite things about my new room are the small windows. There are two rectangle windows with one circular one in between. Unfortunately only one window opens, but I have arranged my room so that I have it right by my bed so I can have my beloved air flow at night. But what's fantastic is that the window is able to swing completely open, and there's a small roof/balcony step outside that I love to sit on on a sunny afternoon, then there's a fire escape ladder just outside that leads up to the roof, which is a fantastic place to sit on in the middle of the night to star gaze (or at least see the handful of stars that are visible against the city's light pollution), and one day I want to have a cute picnic up there.

I am absolutely in love with my new room, there's just something about it; not sure if it's the windows, the short ceiling or the giant slab of carpet the past tennant left on the floor, but it just has such a comforting feeling about it. I love having people over to show them my "hipster" room, and I love sitting there by myself reading or doing my nails.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of my new room, as I loved having the excuse to show it off. Have you moved into a new place recently, or redecorated your own room? I'd love to hear some ideas on cute things to do to my room, as any excuse to buy more decorations. I hope to be able to post more posts soon, university has been really hectic lately, and my goal of being able to post around once a week has got a lot of pressure with my workload. Let me know if you have any requests for future posts, I know some of you are wanting me to do more beauty or design type posts so I'll try to have one come out soon.

- Louise x

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