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Thursday, December 11, 2014

I have been getting many requests for a show off my lipsticks, and since I have been home I have bought one and picked up four from my Mum when she did a clear out, so I have built up my collection quite a lot! I have swatched, photographed, printed the titles and did a mini review of all of my lovelies. I have also put an asterix (*) next to my all time favourites. I hope you enjoy and if you want more blog posts beauty and make up oriented, request away in the comments or on my social media!

Revlon Matte (007) In The Red *

This lipstick is my statement "going out" look. The tone of this red is perfect all year round as it's not too dark or not too light. I love piecing this with a little black dress for a party or with a tee and dark jeans during the day. It's matte so it lasts long, but gets on everything if you haven't let it set. I like to be a naughty beauty guru and put this lippy on top of another one, like a pale pink to make it lighter, or a dark purple for something more defined.

Nutrimetics - Henna Henne

This is a company I have never heard of before and I've had a look on their website but I can't seem to find this lipstick anywhere, so I think it's been discontinued. BUT, this lipstick is a great every day colour. It's a soft red that when applied looks like a more defined version of your natural lip colour.  What I've found with this lipstick is that comes off very easy as it's a satin so you need to reapply it often during the day.

Maybelline Moisture Whip (245) Plum Crazy
This is a lipstick I got from my Mum, and I've just had a look online and I'm pretty sure Maybelline has discontinued the shade, but it is easily found if you want to buy it from eBay. This lipstick seems to be a combination of both a pigment and a lipbalm, it's very moisturising and my lips feel great with it on. I love the shade, it's similar to the Henna Henne but it has a slight metallic look to it. I love wearing this to university or somewhere where it's not deemed appropriate for bright lips but I still want to have something on.

MAC Satin (A14) Rebel *

This is one of my top five lipsticks, a fantastic statement piece I like to wear to a party. I piece this with a little black dress or something all white. It's a heavy deep purple and I always feel like Lorde when I wear it as it's very similar to what she wears to shows. This one is a satin so it's soft on the lips but can tend to come off when drinking out of a mug or something else, which is unfortunate. I make sure I have it in my handbag to top up if I am going to be eating or drinking while wearing it, but just having it on my lips I feel like it can last all day!

AVON Shine Divine - Strawberry Smash

This lipstick is a lighter deep pink shade with a glittery shimmer to the finish. I don't think that this lipstick is still in production, but it can be found online like Plum Crazy. This is a bright colour that isn't too pigmented to be classified as a statement lipstick, which is great because this means it's perfect for every day use. I feel like I am able to pair it with almost anything, as it's a soft pink with a deep purple undertone. It's slightly glossy to the finish, which means it's noticable when worn and lasts quite long, but does need to be reapplied a couple of times if you expect to be wearing it all day or all night.

RIMMEL London Mpoisture Renew (180) Vintage Pink*

This was my first ever lipstick and it has truly done me well, It's a nice, soft purple look and with the satin effect it isn't too "in your face" (lol) but is still noticable when worn. I used to use this all day every day until my collection widened, but now I use it to university and when I'm out shopping. It lasts quite a while but if you start eating or drinking it disappears instantly as it doesn't quite soak into the skin like a matte does.

Loreal Paris Colour Riche (640) Wild Plum *

This is another one of my all time favourites, a bright warm pink colour with a slight shimmer on it. I love wearing this on any occasion, for going to class or going to a party, it's bright but still soft enough to fit any event I could possibly want it for. It looks brilliant and doesn't come off unless eating or drinking, and unfortunately it sometimes stain the skin around your lips if smudged.

W7 Perfect Pink*

This is a brand I have never heard of, and when I saw it I was quite skeptical as there wasn't much information on the casing as to what company it's from. But I have always wanted to have a bright light pink lipstick and this is exactly what I've been wanting! This is a satin, but is almost like a creme because when applied there needs to be a few coats put on for the pigment to be at it's fullest. For some stupid reason the company embossed their logo ontop of the lipstick itself, so until I make my way through the top few layers the application is uneven and can become stripy, but I am sure that when that's done it'll be fine. This lipstick unfortunately comes off very quickly by regular use of the lips, and if you try to eat with it on don't even expect any of it to last! This is perfect for what I have been wanting for a baby pink shade and I am really enjoying it so far. I also must mention that it smells devinely sweet and I am in love with the scent.

Revlon Colourburst (006) Pink Sugar

I bought this lipstick online without seeing what it looks like swatched, and turns out that it is very pale and has a lot of glitter in it, fitting in with the name Pink Sugar. I am a bad beauty guru and like pairing this on top or underneath another darker colour to alter it's shade. I wear this just as something to have on, and I'm making my way through it quickly! It's a very crumbly recipe I have found and the stick itself has broken off a few times, which is unfortunate as it's quite a nice lippy to wear. I think next time I'll consider something with more pigment in it and hopefully that'll mean it wont break so easily. 

Revlon Colourburst (002) Icy Nude

I bought this at the same time as Pink Sugar, and it is almost the exact same but with a more earthy, natural look to it, I'd call it a similar shade to a cup of coffee. There is still a lot of shimmer in it and has glitter in the recipe. I enjoy wearing this with an every day look. It's great for the Autumn and Spring seasons as it isn't a very bright pigmented tone but still works well. 

I hope you enjoyed my lipstick collection post, I know it was a big one but I just didn't have the heart to ignore any of my babies! If you want to see more beauty posts, like a nail varnish review (particular brands, top ten all time or seasonal shade) or a "get ready with me" (for university or to go to a party) let me know in the comments! I'm enjoying these beauty posts!

- Louise x

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