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Friday, November 21, 2014

"What do you even do in a graphic design degree??"

For those of you who are curious as to what I get up to in my tertiary education, and what I like to design in my free time, I created a Behance blog (which you can check out here) a few weeks back to display all my design work on. Behance is a website created by Adobe for designers to showcase all their work, which gives potential clients and employers to go through your portfolio, as well as friends and family to see all your work. I have found it a great network to use to get feedback from my peers at university and from strangers who are passionate about the same design stuff as I am. There's a "view" and "appreciation" (their version of "like") count on the side of each profile so I can keep track of my popularity of my portfolio and I can show off my counts to those who visit my site.

So far I have uploaded all my design work (bar one project which I'm yet to get back and photograph) from my two years at tertiary education, plus some stuff I do in my spare time. For those of you who like photography, typography, editorial design and other graphic design aspects, please go check out my portfolio and if you have an account yourself, give me a follow and some appreciations and I'll check your account too!

- Louise x

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